Part of the book I’m writing focuses on friendship and what friendship means for our sense of self and our “becoming Authentic.” One thing I keep coming back to is the value of having friends who think or believe differently than we do. Friendships are grown out of discovered shared interests, but of course we…More

Emotions and authenticity

Whoosh, what an emotional week this has been. Due to events that I can’t talk about in this space, I am struggling mightily with what feels like ALL the negative emotions: frustration, anger, depression, anxiety, F*CKTHISSH*TIMOUTOFHEREitis, you name it. I’m not always sure what to think about emotions, but I am trying to manage them…More

School is for learning, not performing

Right now my husband and I are in Hawaii so he can get his PhD in physics. While this is great for him, it has posed some, shall we say, frustrations for me. Without going into too much detail, let’s just say that due to the high cost of living here and crappy job market…More

Resurrecting the seeming-dead (and a thought moment!)

*tap tap tap* Is this thing on? So…. I have a blog. And haven’t written in it for over a year. People, THIS IS WHAT WRITING A BOOK DOES TO YOU. Sadly, this blog is not the only thing I’ve neglected over the past year, but let’s not talk about my mental well-being or the…More