In praise of mediocrity

I’ve been thinking a lot about mediocrity. Partly, this is because I’m finding myself to be firmly located in the middle portion of the bell curve regarding something for which achieving excellence would mean a great deal to me. Turns out, my perfectionist nature does not take well to mediocrity. (Who saw that coming?!) If…More

My favorite podcasts for the thinking life

I recently changed phones and even though technology is amazing and the transfer of data was surprisingly effective (maybe TOO effective… #googleisalwayswatching), my Doggcatcher podcast app and my podcast streams did not survive the switch. I got to spend a delightful few minutes re-subscribing to my favorite podcasts, and thought I would add a list…More

Broth, two years in the making

For the past two years, I have been dreaming about making this broth. I don’t write “dreaming” lightly. I mean seriously. LOOK AT IT. Photo by Tuukka Koski for¬† Food Styling: Alison Attenborough. Prop styling: Kalen Kaminski.¬† I saw this recipe on Pinterest over two years ago and have been saving my parmesan rinds ever…More

At the moment… 3/8/2018

1. I have a very love/hate relationship with Hawaii, and lately it’s been mostly of the “hate” variety. Yesterday something softened in me, though, and I felt a huge swell of affection and reverence for this place. Who knows what is noodling around in the subconscious part of my brain, but it’s a relief not…More

Emotions and blame

I am super emotional. I feel all the things all the time, whether or not those feelings are mine alone or are feelings I have absorbed from someone near me. (I have a love/hate relationship with that part.) One of the big projects or efforts in my life is to find healthy ways to deal…More