In praise of mediocrity

I've been thinking a lot about mediocrity. Partly, this is because I'm finding myself to be firmly located in the middle portion of the bell curve regarding something for which achieving excellence would mean a great deal to me. Turns out, my perfectionist nature does not take well to mediocrity. (Who saw that coming?!) If… Continue reading In praise of mediocrity


My favorite podcasts for the thinking life

I recently changed phones and even though technology is amazing and the transfer of data was surprisingly effective (maybe TOO effective... #googleisalwayswatching), my Doggcatcher podcast app and my podcast streams did not survive the switch. I got to spend a delightful few minutes re-subscribing to my favorite podcasts, and thought I would add a list… Continue reading My favorite podcasts for the thinking life

Broth, two years in the making

For the past two years, I have been dreaming about making this broth. I don't write "dreaming" lightly. I mean seriously. LOOK AT IT. Photo by Tuukka Koski for¬† Food Styling: Alison Attenborough. Prop styling: Kalen Kaminski.¬† I saw this recipe on Pinterest over two years ago and have been saving my parmesan rinds ever… Continue reading Broth, two years in the making