Happy (?) Hawai’i Statehood Day

Today,  the third Friday in August 2018, is a holiday in Hawaii, commemorating the day Hawai'i was accepted as the 50th of these United States of America. Hawai'i was admitted as a state on Aug. 21, 1959. This is not exactly a day of celebration, but is kind of a day of celebration. Like everything… Continue reading Happy (?) Hawai’i Statehood Day


In-Between Thoughts 8.15.18 “It’s not personal”

Leg day again! Let's crush it... If anything has been characterizing my "personal growth" time in Hawaii it's the lesson that there is very little of other's words and actions I need to take personally. This has been a lifelong (36 years!) struggle for me, but thankfully (?!?!) Hawaii is giving me a LOT of… Continue reading In-Between Thoughts 8.15.18 “It’s not personal”

By the power vested in me

This weekend I put the finishing touches on a wedding ceremony I'm performing this coming weekend. Necessary writing fuel: carbs and caffeine. Yes. I am performing a marriage ceremony. A Christian marriage ceremony. Praise be. (Cue all the hand-wringing from uptight evangelicals and super conservative sexists. By the way? Shove it.) This is not something… Continue reading By the power vested in me