In-Between Thoughts 8.27.18

Oops, forgot to post this yesterday! I'm sure you were all waiting on pins and needles. Many apologies. Well, Hurricane Lane was a nothingburger for Honolulu. She parked herself next to poor Big Island and Maui and just dumped rain and blew wind at them throughout the Oahu hurricane warning period then died a swift … Continue reading In-Between Thoughts 8.27.18

Waiting on the storm

As you may have heard, Hawai'i is waiting for Hurricane Lane to make a drive-by. There's been a lot of waiting, anxiety, and nerves around a very unusual hurricane threat to Oahu. Usually the Big Island takes the hit and breaks up the storm for us, or the storm passes farther south of Oahu and makes … Continue reading Waiting on the storm

In-Between Thoughts 8.15.18 “It’s not personal”

Leg day again! Let's crush it... If anything has been characterizing my "personal growth" time in Hawaii it's the lesson that there is very little of other's words and actions I need to take personally. This has been a lifelong (36 years!) struggle for me, but thankfully (?!?!) Hawaii is giving me a LOT of … Continue reading In-Between Thoughts 8.15.18 “It’s not personal”