In-Between Thoughts 8.27.18

Oops, forgot to post this yesterday! I’m sure you were all waiting on pins and needles. Many apologies. Well, Hurricane Lane was a nothingburger for Honolulu. She parked herself next to poor Big Island and Maui and just dumped rain and blew wind at them throughout the Oahu hurricane warning period then died a swift…More

Waiting on the storm

As you may have heard, Hawai’i is waiting for Hurricane Lane to make a drive-by. There’s been a lot of waiting, anxiety, and nerves around a very unusual hurricane threat to Oahu. Usually the Big Island takes the hit and breaks up the storm for us, or the storm passes farther south of Oahu and makes…More

Happy (?) Hawai’i Statehood Day

Today,  the third Friday in August 2018, is a holiday in Hawaii, commemorating the day Hawai’i was accepted as the 50th of these United States of America. Hawai’i was admitted as a state on Aug. 21, 1959. This is not exactly a day of celebration, but is kind of a day of celebration. Like everything…More

In-Between Thoughts 8.15.18 “It’s not personal”

Leg day again! Let’s crush it… If anything has been characterizing my “personal growth” time in Hawaii it’s the lesson that there is very little of other’s words and actions I need to take personally. This has been a lifelong (36 years!) struggle for me, but thankfully (?!?!) Hawaii is giving me a LOT of…More

Drowning in the shallow end

I decided to deeply curtail my social media presence for a bit. This is not exactly a revolutionary act, nor new, and I have held out longer than many smarter people. But three things pushed me over the edge that I thought worth mentioning: Buy this and then throw away your phone. 1. Reading The…More

In-Between Thoughts 8.8.18

Oof, it was HUMID in the gym today. Thank you, almost-Hurricane Hector? Regardless, I was a sweaty mess and am suddenly so thankful for the icebox that is my office. I love seeing women lift at the gym, seeing them get up on the platforms and do their thing even if “their thing” isn’t crazy…More

In-Between Thoughts 8.6.18

Today was leg day so my thoughts while lifting were not very coherent. My in-betweens were mostly full of blank thoughts and gasping for breath. But nonetheless I kept reaching for my phone, so blog post it is… For a while, I’ve been trying to figure out what kind of person/friend I should be. I…More

By the power vested in me

This weekend I put the finishing touches on a wedding ceremony I’m performing this coming weekend. Necessary writing fuel: carbs and caffeine. Yes. I am performing a marriage ceremony. A Christian marriage ceremony. Praise be. (Cue all the hand-wringing from uptight evangelicals and super conservative sexists. By the way? Shove it.) This is not something…More

In-Between Thoughts 8.3.18

In an effort to keep myself from mindlessly scrolling the interwebs, when I have some downtime I’m going to try to write a little. To focus on creating and analyzing rather than mindlessly consuming. The most needed switch for me is in the 2-3 minutes between sets at the gym, so with that I am…More

What time is it in Bhagdad?

I recently decided to spend much less time on my phone. I felt addicted and realized how much time I spent squinting my eyes and hunching my back to read a stupid little screen, and how negatively it was affecting my emotional and intellectual life. Now, I don’t have a lot of friends, so I…More