In-Between Thoughts 8.3.18

In an effort to keep myself from mindlessly scrolling the interwebs, when I have some downtime I’m going to try to write a little. To focus on creating and analyzing rather than mindlessly consuming. The most needed switch for me is in the 2-3 minutes between sets at the gym, so with that I am starting…

In-Between Thoughts


Moving on…

Today I lifted by myself again. These gym days by myself are nice. I love lifting with my husband because I have so much fun with him (have you met him?! He’s hilarious), but there is something deeply satisfying about putting on my Bang Bang Pandora station, letting my RBF shine, ignoring everyone, and crushing my deadlift. I’m often the only woman on the platforms and it makes me feel… unstoppable? Powerful? Smug? Probably smug.

Also, I realized something kinda funny. I feel EXTRA badass when I chew gum while I lift. Chewing gum makes me feel decidedly nonchalant, which is badass when I’m deadlifting 180 for 5 sets of 5. (Badass for me — many people are much stronger!) Like, “this strenuous thing is just a day in the life, no big. Watch me chew gum nonchalantly and smugly.” I should remember this gum trick when I need to hype myself up for something scary (like talking to people aaaaaahhhhhhh).

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