Drowning in the shallow end

I decided to deeply curtail my social media presence for a bit. This is not exactly a revolutionary act, nor new, and I have held out longer than many smarter people. But three things pushed me over the edge that I thought worth mentioning:


Buy this and then throw away your phone.

1. Reading The Shallows. Oof. Social media is part of my incessant scrolling and information acquisition, so ending that practice is important if I value my brain and its capacity for prolonged, deep, analytic thought. (And I do!)

My life is this 24-7. Why? What is yours like?

2. Social media tends to make me feel bad. But then I realized: if other people’s social media posts can make me feel bad, mine must make some people feel bad. I don’t ever want to do that if I can help it. It’s worth it to me to give up this social media thing and the goods I do get from it in order to prevent unnecessary hurt or suffering.

Found along a US waterway. HAHA just kidding. This is in Geneva, where they care about people.

3. Facebook and Twitter are major players in the shit show that is our country right now. I’d rather not contribute to that.

I still dabble because I like keeping up with friends and with current events (and sometimes it’s nice to shoot off a dumb thought via tweet, or try to inject something healthy and good into the toxicity), but for the most part I’m on a break. (I feel ya, Ross.) I may keep up with Instagram because I like keeping photos of my life for me, like a photo album. But we’ll see…

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