Waiting on the storm

As you may have heard, Hawai’i is waiting for Hurricane Lane to make a drive-by. There’s been a lot of waiting, anxiety, and nerves around a very unusual hurricane threat to Oahu. Usually the Big Island takes the hit and breaks up the storm for us, or the storm passes farther south of Oahu and makes more contact with Kauai. The path and pace of Lane are strange.

Its oddness has resulted in an odd couple of days. As soon as the storm proved to be heading this way, the threat has been real, but of course the severity of the threat ebbs and flows as the hurricane moves, changes direction, weakens or strengthens, etc. and the forecasts change. I’m a little tired of the whiplash of feeling nervous, then comforted, then freaked out, then calm and around and around we go.

Today and tomorrow my work is closed, so we had a chance last night and this morning to clear our lanais, tape the windows, buy hurricane snacks, and clear anything that could become a “projectile” off various surfaces. We live in 750 square feet so that took all of 90 minutes. Now I’m just kind of…. sitting here. Waiting.

The waiting is kind of the worst part, now that the storm appears to be weakening. (WOO!) I’ve done about as much as someone living in 750 square feet of space can do. After our real prep, I did three loads of laundry, cleaned the kitchen, baked banana bread, swept the floors, decluttered and threw out a BUNCH of old clothes and hole-y shoes (not even suitable for giving away because I truly wear things to their death), rearranged our “important files” box, put our rent check in the mail (so I can say we tried to get it in on time — LANE’S FAULT), did an Insanity workout (Max Cardio Conditioning that resulted in so much sweat I needed to mop after), showered, packed a gift box for a friend’s newly-minuted 1-year-old daughter, and did a bunch of dishes. It’s still only 11:30am. We have, like, 9 hours of no-storm left to go.


Except homework. Or clean the bathroom. HAHAHAHAHAHA nah.

We’ve made several plans depending on what conditions are realized, but I’m pretty confident we’ll be able to stay home and weather the storm. From the bathroom, if necessary. I need to stop obsessively checking weather conditions, grab one of the many books I’m currently reading, and hunker down to relax. I’ll make myself some decaf tea and munch on some hurricane snacks and try to just let the weather happen. But ugh, I hate the waiting. I’ve always hated the waiting. There is probably some self-reflection potential there, but I’m too worn out from my hurricane anxiety avoidant productivity to dig in.

Stay dry and safe, my Hawai’i friends. Catch you on the other side, hopefully only a little worse for wear.

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