A moment of word mapping

Recently, while reading a paper by MarĂ­a Lugones, I came across the word “arrogate.” I had to look it up, because apparently I don’t know ALL the words (DAMMIT), and came across this definition (thanks, Google!): “to take or claim something without justification.” In the Lugones paper, arrogate was used in reference to Marilyn Frye’s…More

Enneagram thoughts

I’ve been hearing a lot about the Enneagram lately, and because I love all things personality/authenticity, I decided it was finally time for me to take a test and see where I came out. The friend who recommended it most highly said I’d be able to tell what I was without the test, but after…More

In-Between Thoughts 9.20.18

HOW IS THE GYM STILL SO HOT AND HUMID. Come on, Hawai’i. This climate cannot be a surprise by now and a/c is one of humankind’s greatest inventions. But… probably shouldn’t use it because global warming. I remain conflicted. And sweaty. Blech. I have tried to put into words my reactions to the GOP’s and…More

Thoughts on study music

Just a little thought for the day. I love classical music. Medieval, Baroque, Classical (with a capital C), Romantic, and some Modern/Contemporary. I gravitate most towards the Romantic and Classical. They feed my soul. They help ease my anxiety and make me feel much more centered and present. Since I’ve been back at graduate school,…More

In-Between Thoughts 8.27.18

I found this IBT post that I never published! I thought I’d send it off into the blogosphere, just ‘cuz. Edited writing is a horrible thing to waste. Well, Hurricane Lane was a nothingburger for Honolulu. Lane parked herself next to the poor Big Island and Maui and just dumped rain and blew wind at…More

On recommending books

I don’t have kids, but I plan to have them one day. Since books are a huge part of my life, I plan to make books a big part of my future children’s lives. And that will start with me reading aloud to them, to me bringing them into the fantastical, imagined worlds that enraptured…More

Christmas Thoughts in September (In-Between Thoughts 9.11.18)

I’ve been thinking a lot about Christmas lately. “But Jana, it’s only September!” Yes, but it’s never too early to get excited about twinkle lights and pine and presents! More accurately, it’s never too early to budget for the magical gift-giving around twinkle lights and pine and presents. Most of the reason I’ve been thinking…More

Resonators, friends, and Charles Williams

I recently wrote about how much I enjoyed Bandersnatch by Diana Pavlac Glyer, and I am sorry but I still have more to say so buckle up, buttercup. You better be on board the Bandersnatch train because it’s about to leave the station. (I don’t know, I have a headache.) Yet another thing Glyer talked about…More

Book Review: The Most Good You Can Do

I thought it worth posting my Goodreads review of Peter Singer’s book, The Most Good You Can Do: How Effective Altruism is Changing Ideas About Living Ethically. The book is great and has a lot of relevance to the topics I muse about here. Definitely worth picking up and considering seriously. As with so much of…More

Friends and writers

Recently I read Bandersnatch: C. S. Lewis, J. R. R. Tolkien, and the Creative Collaboration of the Inklings by Diana Pavlac Glyer. It’s a quick read on a well-trod topic, but Glyer takes an interesting and more difficult angle by investigating if and how the conversations at Eagle and the Child actually shaped and changed the works themselves —…More