Thoughts on study music

Just a little thought for the day. I love classical music. Medieval, Baroque, Classical (with a capital C), Romantic, and some Modern/Contemporary. I gravitate most towards the Romantic and Classical. They feed my soul. They help ease my anxiety and make me feel much more centered and present.

Since I’ve been back at graduate school, I’ve been conscious of my environment for studying and trying to pay attention to where I function best. I love going to coffee shops for the food and caffeine supply, but the music there is always distracting. I’m a Highly Sensitive Person which means on top of crying about everything (happy, sad, frustrating, joyful, you name it) I am very, very sensitive to the sensory stimuli of my environment. I pick up on the tiniest details of my surrounding and tend to “absorb” moods and overall atmospheres no matter where I am. Environment, for my productivity, really matters.

That’s where this all comes back to classical music. I know some people like studying or working to classical music, and you would think I would be the same, seeing as how it does such a good job of easing my anxiety and bringing me back to the present. But I can’t. I get even more swept up in classical music, in the pull and angst of the musical phrasing, the emotional content and drama that speak to me even more deeply than lyrics could. I love the music too much to be able to send it to the background of my attention.

Turns out, I need the quiet, the boring, the still. Libraries are beautiful.

Sometimes I love being an HSP (it’s why I’m able to get such deep joy out of classical music), but sometimes it’s a real PITA to work around. All my enjoyments are very context-dependent. A blog post for another time…


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