In-Between Thoughts 9.20.18

HOW IS THE GYM STILL SO HOT AND HUMID. Come on, Hawai’i. This climate cannot be a surprise by now and a/c is one of humankind’s greatest inventions.

But… probably shouldn’t use it because global warming.

I remain conflicted. And sweaty. Blech.

I have tried to put into words my reactions to the GOP’s and evangelical church’s treatment of Dr. Ford and her allegations of attempted rape against Kavanaugh. I can’t find the words, or perhaps it’s that I can’t find the right order of too many words. My disgust runs too deep to be articulated at the moment. Come on, November. Let’s get some ethical people of character leading this damn country.

On that note, I am beyond proud of our senators, Mazie Hirono and Brian Schatz. Senator Hirono is fed up with the Kavanaugh process and taking no shit. Men need to shut up and stand up, indeed. Senator Schatz keeps emphasizing the important issues, that we need to vote with an eye to which party is locking up kids and taking away our health care. I am so proud to have them as my senators and it gives me hope for this country, knowing some strong people of principle exist in Congress.

Speaking of character, I see it lacking in a lot of places I find myself these days. I feel so powerless to change thing, and everything I have tried has been trashed. These next few years cannot pass fast enough for my emotional, mental, and professional health.

On a happier note, I am having so much fun planning future episodes of our podcast and tinkering with the template for our forthcoming website (woo!). Some intellectual delights to look forward to at the end of very long week days.

On a gym note, today my form seems to have really locked in. My body feels the lifts in the muscles those lifts are working, not the joints or my lower back. That feels so good and I love how strong I feel. #beastmode

And with all those notes, my lifting has come to an end. Time for a protein shake and an early bedtime. 😴 When this posts, it will be Friday!!

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