At the Moment … 10.18.18

1. Last night I made homemade mayo (so easy!) and today I did 8 pullups in a row. I FEEL INVINCABLE.

2. I have been putting off getting a haircut for too many months now and my hair is officially stringy and raggedy. Also, somewhat related, my mid-30s have not been kind to my hair thickness. Where did it all go?! How do I get it back?!

3. This week we FINALLY got a real, lasting break in the heat+humidity. It was so lovely and cool, I actually wanted a (light) blanket when I was reading on the couch the other night. The non-sweating has been so good for my physical happiness. WE’RE NOT SUPPOSED TO SWEAT IN THE EVENINGS IN OCTOBER.

4. On that note, I am longing for a beach day. It’s been a while since I visited the ocean because I’ve had so much work to do every weekend and have been so mentally and physically exhausted. I think I might need to take a break this weekend and hit the beach. October is the best month for beachin’ it, anyway — it’s not suffocatingly hot on the sand and the water is still super warm from the summer sun. I can’t let this go unexploited!

Or maybe I can. This looks horrible.

5. Recently our apartment was sold, so we have to move. Thankfully, the new owners would like us to stay through next June, so I’m thrilled we don’t have to do the last-minute sprint-to-find-a-decent-place-and-move thing, but I am already a little sad to leave our apartment. It’s been such a lovely sanctuary over the past four years with a killer, soul-enriching view. Oh well. Change is always invigorating so June will surely bring something exciting.

6. MOST IMPORTANTLY, it is officially pumpkin season!!!1! Now that the weather is cooler (see #3), I am a woman obsessed. I’ve made pumpkin cinnamon rolls twice, sausage pumpkin butter-sage-sauce pasta with handmade fettuccine, pumpkin curry, and have ingredients for pumpkin chicken chili ready to go for our next particularly cold evening. Harvest pizza will be happening with my leftover sage (sage pesto is love, and goes great with pumpkin, bacon, caramelized onions, and goat cheese). Pumpkin snickerdoodles will happen. What else should I make?! Help me fill my apartment with pumpkin-scented bliss and my tummy with pumpkin-flavored deliciousness!

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