In-Between Thoughts 10.22.18

You know how I said we had finally broken through the heat+humidity? I counted too many chickens. Dammit. Back to sweating.

In my late-mid-30s, I think I’m finally gaining the confidence to disregard irrational or unwelcome judgment, sexism, and other false proclamations of my value and worth. I am beyond heartened to see and feel progress there. I feel like my back is straightening, my chin is lifting, and my shoulders are finally down from around my ears for the first time in… my whole life? I’ve never felt so free and confident, even while being very aware of my ignorances and shortcomings. It’s damn near miraculous. Is this what white men feel like every day?!

And this progress is all due to therapy. I cannot emphasize it enough: therapy. rules. There is NO shame in getting the kind of help you need to survive this cruel, misogynistic, racist, unjust, mad world. If you care about the world and your fellow humans, that means that you are already overwhelmed with the amount of cruelty you see being launched at yourself and others, at the goodness that is being rejected for entirely selfish and cruel reasons. It is all far too much to handle on your own. So do what you need to do to survive: take a vacation day. Read a book purely for pleasure. Take a jog. Hug someone for at least 10 seconds. Go to therapy if you can. Get prescriptions if you need them and have access.

I also cannot emphasize this enough: VOTE. Vote with your wellbeing and the wellbeing of all others in mind. Right now, that means voting Democrat. There is absolutely no question about this.

#jumpsoffsoapbox #dontworry #immajumpbackonagaininasecond

On a yummy note, I made a delicious fall pumpkin pizza last night. It sounds weird, but it is amazing and I did a riff on a favorite recipe. I was really pleased with how I made it easier and, if I do say so myself, even more delicious and pizza-y. I’ll share the recipe soon before pumpkin season is officially replaced by gingerbread season. You need this pizza in your life.

Oh my goodness, we have released several podcasts since I updated last! (Man, I am bad at this posting-across-different-platforms-social-media thing.) We finished our season on metaphysics and I recorded a solo episode (to be released in a few weeks). The solo episode was a new experience for me, and it was really fun. I made MANY mistakes (always punctuated with a sudden, loud “NOPE” when I realized mid-recording that that particular take was bad — shoulda kept some for the blooper real) and I got a little bit passionate at the end… this is what philosophy does to me. I’ll do a post soon with the new episodes linked.

Oh hey (#jumpsbackonsoapbox), did you know we have midterms coming up on Nov. 6? VOTE VOTE VOTE. The poor, the sick, the marginalized, the displaced, the 99.9%, the country, and literally the planet all depend on Democratic majority. Seriously. Vote. And vote blue. There is no other option right now. #soapboxridinguntilNov6

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