12 Holiday Joys

As I mentioned in a prior blog post (months ago, dang! I was in a dark place only Christmas planning could lighten), I love the US holiday season. I love the sensuous feasts between Thanksgiving and Christmas, feasts for the eyes, ears, tongue, and nose. Over the next 12 posts, I want to celebrate the…More

Choosing my stress

I made a resolution the other day (suck it, January 1) — I am no longer going to let my body be a source of stress for me. I had a near-meltdown two weeks ago. Some may call it a meltdown; I’m not sure what an adult meltdown looks like, so I don’t know if…More

In-Between Thoughts Thanksgiving Edition 11.19.18

It’s been a while since I did one of these! That’s because… well, because I haven’t been going to the gym. My poor body. The stress and despair of this time of life has finally taken its toll and my body kind of collapsed in on itself a few weeks ago. I took two weeks…More

As beliefs change, so do relationships…

I don’t really have a photo for this post so… here’s my cat. On my bookshelf. Lurv. I guess since she doesn’t have beliefs (other than the importance of being pet at all times), our love will never change? As long as I keep delivering the pets, that is. I’m realizing how much the depth…More

The tension is to be loved, apparently

I get it, universe. I get it, God. I get it, life. Practicing gratitude is transformational and something I should really work on. It’s also hard AF. I’m in this time of life where I feel so wounded but don’t have time to heal before the next wound hits. It seems that daily, at least…More

Yummiest autumn pizza

Anyone else glad the midterm elections are behind us?! I think this, and the fact that Democrats took control of the House, are worth celebrating. Celebrating with pizza. I always celebrate with pizza. (Well, that and champagne. Duh.) Here is a pizza worthy of fall, when pumpkin, sage, and bacon are all in season. (Though…More

Environmental eschatology

As I mentioned earlier, last semester I started and never finished a book on biblical eschatology. It was an interesting book, and full of meaty textual analysis, but ultimately started to feel… pointless? Somewhere along the way I just stopped feeling like it was relevant beyond it being interesting. I couldn’t find a reason to…More

And/Or/Versus podcast updates!

Well shoot, I have been incredibly remiss in updating ye olde blog with our most recent podcasts. WHAT HAVE YOU EVEN BEEN DOING WITH YOUR EARBALLS. The biggest thing is that we finished our season on metaphysics. I’m not going to lie — I’m a little relieved. That is some complicated stuff. As fun as…More