And/Or/Versus podcast updates!

Well shoot, I have been incredibly remiss in updating ye olde blog with our most recent podcasts. WHAT HAVE YOU EVEN BEEN DOING WITH YOUR EARBALLS.

The biggest thing is that we finished our season on metaphysics. I’m not going to lie — I’m a little relieved. That is some complicated stuff. As fun as it is to talk about, it’s a little hard to condense for a rather short podcast. But we did it, and brought in reinforcements when a topic got too daunting! (Aka, my husband saved Space/Time.)

We also finally got a website going! I’m thrilled to present…


If you’d like to dig a little bit more into the topics we cover, head on over to the And/Or/Versus blog page and find some videos, links to interesting readings, and other musings or observations that we just could’t fit into 45 minutes. Hey, we never said we didn’t have a lot to say. You knew what you’re getting into. You can also access our most recent episode on the Home page and access a list and summary of all episodes on our Podcast page.

Of course, you can always hop on over to my Recorded page to access the podcasts directly from here. Don’t worry — eventually I’ll get better at updating two websites. In the meantime, feel free to follow along via our Twitter page and get you as much philosophy and pop culture into your earballs as you can! Thanks so much for listening and reading.

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