12 Holiday Joys

As I mentioned in a prior blog post (months ago, dang! I was in a dark place only Christmas planning could lighten), I love the US holiday season. I love the sensuous feasts between Thanksgiving and Christmas, feasts for the eyes, ears, tongue, and nose. Over the next 12 posts, I want to celebrate the fullness of the season with posts on some of my holiday joys, all within my lifestyle commitments to minimalism and anti-materialism. Why 12? Because of the 12 days of Christmas! Which doesn’t really make sense in this context because this is not a Christmas-specific series, but it’s a lovely round number and I have more than enough joys during the holidays to pack into 12 posts.

The posts will probably seem a little all over the place. I’ll talk about food, music, relationships, struggles, privilege, spirituality, and more. Some posts will be thoroughly trivial (chocolate!), some posts will be more serious and thoughtful. Being human is complicated, and just because we are in a season of joy and celebrating doesn’t mean that complexity gets smoothed out. I want to honor that and even celebrate it, in this small way.

Ok, this is becoming a little too self-serious, so I’ll let it be and simply look forward to sharing Joy 1 with you in a few days. Because bottom line is that I believe we should celebrate the things that give us joy and we should practice appreciating our joys in ways that don’t idolize them, don’t engender dependence on them, and don’t make those particular joys prescriptive for others. This is my attempt to do that, and me embracing all the things I love about this time of the year and this time of life. I hope you find something here that does the same for you.

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