12 Holiday Joys, Joy 4 – Music

Music is so much more to me than anything I can write in a silly blog post. And it is deeply wedded to my love for and immersion in the holiday season, mostly the Christmas season. (Though a South Park Hanukkah song does make the cut.) This is nothing new, but music stirs my emotions…More

12 Holiday Joys, Joy 3 – Cookies

So real food is awesome and all, but let’s be honest — sugar is the love language of the season. Last year a friend came over and we did a major cookie blitz of all the cookies on the platter — mixing, baking, decorating, and taste-testing (a LOT of taste-testing, oops…). I love that aspect…More

12 Holiday Joys, Joy 2 – Eats

If you thought I waxed poetic about drinks, you ain’t seen nothin’ yet. (Sorry, my Idaho likes to come out every so often.) Food. Is. Life. And good food is good life. Good food doesn’t have to be expensive, either. I’m a firm believer that simple recipes are often the best recipes (all the ingredients get a…More

12 Holiday Joys, Joy 1 – Sips

One of my favorite sensory pleasures is a good, event-appropriate drink. And I don’t mean necessarily alcoholic; drinking a glass of ice-cold water after a long run is one of the best, most refreshing, most satisfying experiences in life. Drinks are essential to life (we need water to survive) and also part of frivolous-yet-essential human…More