New AOV Episode: Envy/Contentment

We released our 26th episode! HAPPY OFFICIAL ONE YEAR PODIVERSARY TO US. But I already celebrated that enough Tuesday. What I’m thinking about today is how our overall emotional experiences may shift as we age, particularly as regarding envy. As I mentioned in our AOV blog post on Envy/Contentment, there are four kinds of envy.…More

In-between Thoughts 3.18.19 — Reflections on podcasting

Lifting legs the day after a 9-mile run was not the best idea I ever had. I. Am. Exhausted. Not even the apple pie pastry I had this afternoon is giving me life. STUPID TIRED LEGS. (I’m sorry for yelling, legs — I really love you and do want you to be happy. I will…More

Triple Garlic, Smoked Chicken Sausage, and Fennel Soup

I haven’t done a recipe in a long time! I love food and think about it pretty much constantly, so this is a tragic oversight. Sadly, I just don’t make enough deliciousness these days that’s worth sharing. Lately it’s just “get home, throw some stuff in the oven or in a pot and hope for…More

In-Between Thoughts 3.15.19: Grief

These are some heavy (rim shot!) thoughts to be having at the gym, but I kind of like that. It’s a good reminder to me that everyone here is going through their own stuff and situated deeply in their own minds. Maybe I can use this to learn to be more gracious about what people…More

Changing policies, changing minds

There’s a tension between standing up for what is right, unapologetically and strongly, and the need to “meet people where they are” to have a productive dialogue and, frankly, to having the best chance to change their minds. The first works well for policy changes, the second better interpersonally. I don’t have much to say…More

In-Between Thoughts 3.11.19: Meaning-making

I did sumo deadlifts today! I am enjoying this lift so far. It really targets the glutes and inner thighs, so it’s slightly different-feeling than my regularly-scheduled deadlifts. I’ve had the same routine for a while now, so even this little modification is a nice, invigorating change. Now onto thinking thoughts of the thinker variety……More

Happiness and the meaningful life, and how Hawaii both helps and hurts (new-ish AOV episode)

Diane and I recorded a new podcast episode exploring the relationship between happiness and pleasure. I really like how Martin Seligman, one of the creators of the field of positive psychology, characterizes happiness: an overall state, the arc of a life that includes more positively-valenced feelings than negatively-valenced feelings. The three components of the happy…More

AOV Episode 24: Happiness/Pleasure

Thoughts on approaching philosophy

Oh hey, guess what? I like philosophy! I’m taking two classes this next semester, one on early Indian Buddhist philosophy and one on David Hume. Indian Buddhist philosophy is very, very new to me, so it’s been interesting to approach a really new, different philosophy. Interesting and frustrating, as I feel more like I’m intellectually…More