In-between Thoughts 3.18.19 — Reflections on podcasting

Lifting legs the day after a 9-mile run was not the best idea I ever had. I. Am. Exhausted. Not even the apple pie pastry I had this afternoon is giving me life. STUPID TIRED LEGS. (I’m sorry for yelling, legs — I really love you and do want you to be happy. I will give you rest and stretchy love tomorrow.)

Onto the thinks…

The podcast episode we release tomorrow is our 26th episode! Since we release an episode every other week and since there are 52 weeks in a year, that means… *pulls out calculator*… yep, it’s our one-year podiversary. CUE CHEERS!

Truth be told, I was really nervous about starting a podcast. I love talking about ideas (frankly, I won’t SHUT UP about ideas), but I am a much better communicator as a writer than as a speaker. Well, much better writer than an off-the-cuff speaker, that is. I kick ass at public speaking. But off-the-cuff (like in class awesome for me) I tend to get my words and trains of thought all twisted. My way of talking is like a river that branches off into a million tributaries that may or may not connect back to the main stream. I feel the need to qualify my thoughts as I go. It’s a style too winding and rambling to make for good listening. I can never seem to explain my thoughts in a clear, concise, coherent way. In the way they feel in my head.

Also, compounding my misery, there is no edit feature for talking. Diane does her best, of course, but I make her WORK for it. 

Thankfully, practice, as they say, makes competent. A year in, and I feel more comfortable in the medium. I feel at ease enough to really, really enjoy the process. 

One of the things I have enjoyed most is that recording this podcast gives me a place to bring philosophy more into the lived experience. Philosophy classes can get so wrapped up in technical issues (a vital aspect of the field!!) that the relevance to everyday life can be neglected. Thinking better in order to live better is what drove me to philosophy in the first place, so I am loving the chance to do it on my/our terms every other week.

I say “my/our” because of course, AOV is not just mine. It’s a joint effort with a very dear friend, and that is the second thing I love most about it. I get a chance to talk to, laugh with, think with, share with my best friend every other week. Not only that, but we are in touch every week, with life updates in addition to pod stuff. She is a super-GIF finder. Brilliant thinker. Hilarious trove of pop-culture references. Endlessly kind and gracious and generous. Makes me laugh every episode and every text exchange. She is a true Leslie-Knope-meets-April-Ludgate and I will always be so grateful for this podcast for bringing her in my life every week.

Being so far away from most of my loved ones can feel incredibly isolating and disconnected. That makes this podcast thing even more of a treasured experience while Chris and I work and play on our beautiful little rock in the middle of the Pacific Ocean.

So happy anniversary to our little ‘cast, to 26 episodes of thoughts, laughs, and attempts to better ourselves and understand-in-order-to-love the world. Onto year 2! Love you, AOV and Diane! xoxo

(If you’ve listened to us over this past year, thank you! That thrills my little heart. If not, I still love you and will just talk your actual ear off about all these ideas in person. You have chosen. And if you have suggestions for what we can talk about or how to improve the ‘cast, we honestly would love to hear.)

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