AOV updates: once more, with feeling

Well, Season 4: Emotions has come to an end. What an emotional journey it has been. Diane had to remind me to talk about some happy emotions and not just the sad ones, so… apparently I’m a bit of a downer. She is the Joy to my Sadness! Accurate. Anyway, here’s what you missed if…More

In-Between Thoughts 5.21.19: Resentment beliefs

It has been a hot minute since I’ve lifted. Almost a whole month. I’ve been running and working out at home (occasionally….), so at least my body isn’t TOO shocked. I’m definitely not looking forward to the DOMS over the next few days and on the plane, though… Oh yeah, we’re going on a plane!…More

Therapy is making me… raw

I don’t know why I’m surprised anymore, but the end of this semester kicked my @$$ AGAIN. I was a ball of stress. Having several work trips and events on top of things WAS NOT HELPFUL NO IT WAS NOT THANK YOU VERY MUCH. I turned everything in, but my work was pretty bad. Sub-par…More

The best things I read in March

Well, shoot. We are rapidly hurtling through May, which means this post is less than timely. AND I SKIPPED A WHOLE MONTH. BUT I have an excuse (not that anyone is demanding one). April is the month where school starts kicking my butt and work starts getting crazy with end-of-the-semester events and for other work-related…More