AOV updates: once more, with feeling

Well, Season 4: Emotions has come to an end. What an emotional journey it has been. Diane had to remind me to talk about some happy emotions and not just the sad ones, so… apparently I’m a bit of a downer. She is the Joy to my Sadness!


Anyway, here’s what you missed if you haven’t subscribed here or here (um, what is stopping you?!):

Interested in a little feminist philosopher rumble in the jungle? Have we got the goods for you. We also talk about rather dark emotions — grief and depression — but we try to keep it as light as possible.

Interested in hearing a discussion that was supposed to be about love and fear, but ended up mostly just being about love (because LOVE!)? We have you covered. Just skip through the first five minutes if tales of MEGLADON SPIDERS give you the heebie jeebies. Diane, our thoughts are with you. I will never ever ever visit your home.

How about a little philosophy vs. psychology?? It’s kind of the sweet spot for where my interests lie, so I was into it. We talk about resentment and empathy, two emotions I am VERY familiar with (LIKE EVERY DAY OF MY LIFE), so it felt a little soul-bare-y. Also… we have a minor love fest for Keanu Reeves, because it’s Keanu.

Finally, if you can handle a whole episode of JUST ME (don’t worry, it’s only 10 minutes), take a listen to our Interlude that wraps up the season with a little motivating pep talk about not letting others make you feel bad about your emotional life. Feel your truth. Let that feeling lead you to a greater understanding of your truth. Modify your truth when needed. Boom.

And because I’ve been a busy beaver, here are some other updates and resources:

  • I’ve made some new additions to our AOV Podcast blog. New posts, new reading suggestions, new videos on the theoretical underpinnings of Pixar movies. Get it.
  • My Recorded page for (less consistent, but earnest) updates and an accessible list for perusing episodes and themes.
  • I’m trying to be better about posting to our podcast Twitter account: @aovpodcast. Give me a shout if you read or listen so we can follow you!
  • Not mine, but something I found: a cool list of “Deep Experience” novels on Goodreads. Some great reads here, many with a deep and complex emotional component. Fitting.

Thanks for listening, thanks for reading, thanks for being awesome. Lots of love to you all!

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