The best things I read in May

I know, I know… another reading listicle. If I were more on top of reading things, I could space these out more. Alas.

May was a good month! I was able to read for fun for half of it, and finish some good stuff. So without further ado, let’s dive in.

For your to-read pile:

Dialogues Concerning Natural Religion by David Hume. Look. You’re just going to have to be ok with the fact that Hume is going to show up on my “recommended reads” list for, like, the next forevers. This book is amazing. It’s a series of dialogues representing three different views on religion. Hume’s brilliant skeptical arguments shine here, even though the conclusion is anything but concrete. All believers and skeptics should read this and take seriously his charges. He may not be right about them all, but they are excellent points to make.

The Velveteen Rabbit by Margery Williams. Ok, real talk: this book is everything to me. It’s the inspiration for my book, makes me cry every time, and just contains so much beauty and truth about the human experience that I find it almost overwhelming. This will forever be one of my favorite books. To me, it is perfect and Real.

Inside Out: Emotional Theory Comes Alive by Evan Puschak. I know, I know: THIS ISN’T A READ. It’s a watch. But it’s fantastic. If you like the movie, you’ll enjoy Puschak’s analysis of its theoretical underpinnings. Enjoy nerding out a little over the delightfulness of Pixar.

The best fan fic theory on GoT. Period.

Speaking of Game of Thrones (and a finale I just have so many feels and thinks about), here’s a fantastic Twitter thread on why the last few seasons have felt so different from previous seasons. I can’t stop thinking about it. Does Martin truly have the narrative chops to reign in a pantsing story, in a way satisfactory to loyal fans? I’m actually not sure. And I’m not sure there’s a way to conclude the series without resorting to plotting. Anyhoodle, Breaking Bad is now officially the best show ever DON’T @ ME WITH RIDICULOUS OPINIONS TO THE CONTRARY BECAUSE YOU ARE JUST WRONG.

So there you have it. My best reading and thinking bits of the last month. Let me know if you check out any of the above!

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