Summer 2019 Plan

I love planning. LOVE. IT. Planning things gets me out of my sometimes-TOO-present head space, gets me excited about possibilities, and makes me feel really productive and efficient. I could plan all day!

But of course, every plan needs to have follow-through to make it a good plan. Still working on that part. Ahem.

I have a long beautiful summer stretched out before me. I’m working full-time, but no school means my weekends are my own (God bless it). I want to make the most out of my summer, in part because we are entering into our last few years in Hawaii. Our time in Hawaii is limited, and while it’s been unrelentingly difficult in some ways, it’s also been a source of great joy and exploration. And I still don’t feel like we’ve explored all we could. I want to take advantage of this wonderful opportunity to live in paradise, to have the opportunities of paradise available to me every single weekend, every holiday, every free evening.

So here’s a plan I made so as not to lose sight of the things I need to get done, the things I want to get done, and the things I will be so happy I didn’t forget to do once September (and the end to our time in Hawaii) rolls around.

  • Relearn French. This is for the schoolin’. I have a workbook to go through, so I’m going to spend Saturday mornings studying at my favorite local coffee shop. Wait. Do some people just never study at all once school ends?!
I’m so basic.
  • Plan out our podcast episodes for the upcoming semester. I have a feeling I will be SLAMMED again this next semester, and I want to give myself as much time and space to focus on school as I can. I want to do well. (Last semester did not feel very good.) Diane and I also have some exciting ideas for the podcast, and I want to make sure I give myself enough time to prep episodes so they are actually good!
  • Start writing little bits of a second book. I have a short little book in mind (four chapters) that I’ve been noodling on for six months. I’d like to start getting thoughts down on paper, but with no pressure to produce anything polished. That’s future me’s task.
I found this in my MIL’s living room! My heart swelled. And yes, I realize I put the spine title on upside down. #lessonslearnedforthenextbook
  • Discover a new awesome beach. We haven’t done much exploring lately. I’d like to do more of that.
It’s hard to look for a new beach when we’ve already found perfection in Waimanalo Bay Beach. Nonetheless, we will soldier on.
  • Hike Crouching Lion. A Hawaii Living bucket list hike for me! Thinking next weekend, even…
  • Visit the Big Island with my SIL and BIL. We have a tentative trip planned (YAY MORE PLANNING!), and I want to make sure we actually do it. Chris has never seen the Big Island, and he needs to go. The two of us definitely need and deserve a Hawaii staycation on another island, and my in-laws are a blast.
Mauna Kea from the plane. If you squint, you can see the telescopes!!
  • Learn a Chopin piece and a Debussy piece from scratch. Chris gave me two gorgeous piano books for my birthday, and I want to learn something new-to-me from each. I have my list of finalists for the pieces, so now to narrow down and devote 20 minutes of practice per day per piece. Perhaps while dinner cooks (or while the hubs makes dinner??!). Perhaps over a glass of rose. ROSE, DID YOU SAY…
  • Find my favorite rose. WHY DID I LIST THE MOST IMPORTANT ITEM LAST. My listing priorities are whack.
This was a strong (rim shot!) rose out of the gate. I may have already accomplished this goal.

What is on your summer list??

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