At the Moment 6.12.19 – Summer Lovin’

It feels so good to be easing into summer. It’s one of our last full summers in Hawaii, so I want to make the most of it. Lots of hiking, SUPing, beaching, and rosé. I think it’s all doable. And I’m currently weighted-lunging to … make my legs worthless for doing any of the above. EXCEPT FOR ROSÉ. Huh. Maybe I am a secret, unintentional wine genius…

Anyhoodle, to gym thoughts we go…

1. I’ve always been pretty independent. I don’t need a large group of friends, I always knew I’d rather be single rather than marry… well, most everyone except Chris. (My Chris or Chris Evans — I’m not TOO picky.) But after our recent trip to visit family and long-time friends and then coming back to such a socially cold environment, I finally realized how deeply my wellbeing is tied to family and friend ties. We need to live closer to people we love. Sorry, England and Switzerland. I’ll just have to visit rather than live in you like I had planned.

2. I’ve been doing A LOT of thinking about what I want my husband’s and my life to look like. I am examining many of my specific goals and am detaching from them in a big way. It was scary at first, but once I realized my biggest desire is to be happy, it felt freeing. Less and less am I making my happiness depend on specifics and more and more on generalities. Those generalities are also becoming a lot less about externals and more and more about myself: my attitudes, my beliefs, my choices. It’s dissolving some big knots in my heart. That feels good.

I’m becoming more Stoic than I intended.

3. We are doing a small podcast rebrand and I’m pretty excited! I’m nervous because it could end up feeling too much like AND NOW HERE’S WAY MORE JANA THAN YOU EVER WANTED. But I think Diane will be good about editing it to make it less obnoxious than that.

4. Chris and I are planning a Big Island trip in about 2 months and I am so excited!! He has never seen it, and he needs to. It’s a magical place. So different from Oahu.

5. I’m getting bored with my gym routine. I need to mix it up somehow. Maybe add in some HIIT at the end or create some HIIT/light weights circuit workouts. Any suggestions?

6. This year is supposed to be a bad one for hurricanes. Every season will be bad from now on, I think. Climate change is a b*tch. I guess now is the time to load up on canned soups and other pantry items just in case. And now that we get to stay in our place another year (yay!!!) we can actually store stuff without dreading packing it up and moving it to some other tiny apartment with no storage. #notcomplaining #sortofcomplaining

7. I’m thinking a lot about socially toxic environments. I have many thoughts that I’m sure I’ll want to write out in a more thorough manner, but the big one I’m thinking now is that socially toxicity is driven by selfishness. Narcissism. Myopia. Insufficient compassion. A general focus on the self above all others — pursuit of one’s well-being at the expense of others. Fixing this in people is not easy (we are certainly wired for selfishness), but I do believe it is doable. How do we foster selflessness in systems and in larger communal spaces? I’m beginning to think appropriate shaming is a useful tool. Maintaining one’s image and the respect of one’s peers is a powerful motivator.

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