Thoughts on gratitude

Inspired by one of my friends on Instagram who is listing 101 things she’s grateful for during the month of November, I’ve spent the past week doing the same. I have no number goal in mind; I just try to post around 5 things a day and look forward to seeing how it influences my…More

In-Between Thoughts 11/20/19: New reading and rereading

Goodness, it’s been a hot minute since I’ve lifted weights. I’ve been doing Insanity 4-5 times a week and running 9 miles every Sunday, so I’m moving and challenging my body, but now that I’m no longer working on campus it’s hard to get to the Rec Center consistently. I’ve made a point to go…More

Your Brain on Philanthropy: Denomination Effect

Fundraisers tend to categorize donors in three ways, either as annual donors, major gift donors, or legacy donors. Annual donors are those who give smaller amounts more frequently — monthly, annually, or when a giving campaign comes calling (think United Way or the Girl Scouts). These gifts usually go to the general fund or support…More