Notes on week 3 of my digital declutter (and Lanikai Pillboxes!)

This week was a good one, though I definitely feel like I backslid. I searched for some recipes (dang it), I checked my blog far too often (all the posts are scheduled, RELAX, ME), and I didn’t practice piano AT ALL. AGAIN. What the h?!

This is going to sound weird, but I think I’ve been reading too much. I never thought I would say that, or make that statement as a judgment…. ever. But I’ve been focusing so much of my non-tech time on reading, and I feel like it’s been a bit to the detriment of some of the other things that make my life so rich. Piano. Hiking. Listening to classical music — just listening and absorbing. SUPing. Writing. (I’ve mostly edited already-drafted blog posts lately.) I feel like reading is my default and something I depend on a little too much when I get antsy or bored. I think reading is a fantastic default, and that good, consistent reading is a virtue, but I’m also a bit Aristotelian in that I think the virtue is found in the mean and that there are extreme points (here, neglect and overindulgence) at which it ceases being a virtue. Have I reached the overindulgence point? Maybe. I’m certainly flirting with it.

I’m not criticizing myself, really (it’s an overindulgence in reading, for heaven’s sake!), I’m just coming to realize the things I love and how many ways I am good at getting into a rut, no matter how virtuous that rut may seem to, or at first, be.

So, in the interest of getting out of my rut, I went for a hike! One of my favorites, and also one of the most popular on Oahu. The Lanikai Pillbox trail. It’s rather short, but quite steep and can be tricky at parts. But the view. Oh, that view.

It felt so good to work up a sweat and get to see my island from a higher, broader vantage point. I was starting to get stressed about all the Hegel I needed to read (not just read, but understaaaaaaand) and getting outside with a good friend was exactly what I needed to remind myself what else is important — and fleeting — to me about the way I live my life and take advantage of current opportunities.

Oh, and I also got gussied up for a date night. PICS OR IT DIDN’T HAPPEN, RIGHT?

It took me a million minutes to curl my hair. Never. Again.

On a side note, my sciatica has been sticking around and now my right leg is incredibly weak and my right foot is quite numb. I didn’t run last week, and probably shouldn’t run this week, either. Sigh. Hopefully when I visit the doctor next week she or he will help me figure out how to get over this. I have a half marathon to train for!!! *insert crying face*

But back to my declutter. For week 4 I’m going to stop checking my blog (only write and schedule), keep up my meditating, practice the dang piano at least twice, and keep noodling over how to reincorporate new technologies in a way that helps me pursue what I value, rather than obstruct the pursuit. Who would have thought that reading would threaten to fall into that category. I’m as unsettled by this as anyone.


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