Your Brain on Philanthropy: Compassion Fade

Compassion is a major motivator in philanthropic giving. Sure, some people give because they need or want the associated tax break, but most people, when asked to explain why they give to charity, say they give for much more personal reasons. In an interview of 700 Britons, Charities Aid Foundation found that people say they…More

Digital decluttering

A friend recently posted on Instagram a list of her favorite books from 2019. (Or, as she so awesomely put it, “the books I couldn’t shut up about.”) While several new-to-me titles intrigued me, there was one I went out and purchased right away: Cal Newport’s Digital Minimalism: Choosing a Focused Life in a Noisy…More

My 2020 goals

I love fresh starts. New years, new months, new opportunities. Newness gets my engine revved, gets me all sorts of energized. New intense workout program? Gimme. New idea? Let me read 10 books on it. New friend? LET ME OVERWHELM YOU WITH MY ENTHUSIASTIC INVITATIONS AND OVERSHARING. While I’m not one to expect a lot…More