In-Between Thoughts: Bad Body Beliefs

Holy crap. Lifting after four weeks off makes for a VERY sore upper body. Even as I’m lifting now, four days later, I feel the soreness. Honestly? IT FEELS SO GOOD. I missed this feeling. Now to count down the days until my herniated disc heals and my lower body is set free! Speaking of…More

Being vs. acting good — is there a difference?

One of the things I like most about fiction is the way it presents ethical issues in helpful and novel (har har) ways. Every fictional story presents some kind of ethical conflict and its resolution, highlighting different kinds of people, different ways of thinking, different ways of relating to others, etc. Really, when we read…More

In-Between Thoughts: Cockroaches EVERYWHERE AND NOWHERE

First time lifting since… *checks lifting log* January 30. That’s not too bad, all things considered! Thankfully, I found that haven’t lost ALL my strength. Still did six pullups in a row. I kept all the same weight for my other lifts. The only thing that changed is that I now lift with perfect posture.…More

OHPT: Theology and Mystery (Chapter 4)

Chapter 4 is “Theology and Mystery” by William J. Wainwright. Wainwright is Distinguished Professor Emeritus in Philosophy with University of Wisconsin Milwaukee. His research focused on the philosophy of religion and theology in the 17th and 18th centuries. He definitely has “philosophy of religion” credentials, as evidenced by the books he has authored. I was…More

In-Between Thoughts 2/21/20: Stepping Up

I had my first physical therapy appointment yesterday, to figure out what I can do to help my back heal from this awesome, totally not-inconvenient herniated disc. (MAN it feels good getting old.) The exercises she gave me are hilariously “old person”, but I am all in on doing whatever the experts tell me will…More

To exist means you can be named

Recently I read Saul Kripke’s absolutely enthralling (for me, anyway) Naming and Necessity. It was fantastic. I enjoyed almost every page. I read it after a healthy dose of Tolkien, and the juxtaposition was perfect — like when I crave something salty after too much sweet. (And vice versa!) Plus, given Tolkien’s obsession with language…More

We do what we have been rewarded to do

I was listening to a podcast that featured an addiction researcher, and he was talking about how addiction manifests in the brain. He highlighted our learning method, which is something that has not evolved significantly since our ape ancestors: Trigger > Behavior > Reward Most behavior programs, such as recovery or diets, apply a kind…More

Recipe: Homemade Chestnut Flour Fettuccine with Pumpkin Sausage Sauce

“Jana,” you say, “pumpkin and chestnuts are SO Fall 2019 and it is Winter 2020. What are you even doing?!” Ok, so SEO is not my thing, and I am a super basic white girl who, while loving and enjoying the sh*t out of all things fall, believes pumpkin to be delicious and appropriate year-round.…More

OHPT: Science and Religion (Chapter 3)

For a running list of all my reviews on the articles in the Oxford Handbook of Philosophical Theology, visit here. I really, really enjoyed this chapter and what it got me to think and articulate. You can tell by the WALL OF WORDS I wrote about it. This article is entitled “Science and Religion” and…More

In-Between Thoughts 2.6.20: I’m sensing a theme…

To be more accurate, these are “after” thoughts. There was no In-Between because I was stuck on a treadmill. Walking. For 30 minutes. I grumble, but in truth it felt really good. Remember when I said my sciatica was getting better? NOPE. Reality caught up with my denial. I have a big ol’ herniated disc…More