Vulnerability is a privilege, not a right

Vulnerability is a good thing. It’s an honest thing, it’s a relationship-building thing, and it’s a brave thing. I think one of the hardest things about being human is being intentionally good at vulnerability, both in the choosing to be and being vulnerable with, and in the being a person people can be vulnerable with…More

The paces of reading

Earlier this year I was diagnosed with a herniated disc. This meant a total cessation of all high-intensity physical activity, which meant I had to cease doing several of the major things that bring me joy and keep my happy hormones regulated and high. The rest has been wonderful for my back (and probably my…More

Bound to my word (apparently)

When a person articulates an idea, they are less likely to change their minds because they must first admit that they were initially wrong. Maintaining an erroneous notion, such as a first impression, causes less anxiety than admitting an error and adopting another position. I found a couple things in these two sentences fascinating.…More

Self-reflection during COVID-19: tackling the beliefs of fear

Let’s start off with the big one, shall we? Fear is one of the easiest ones to talk about when it comes to beliefs, because in some ways it’s quite straight-forward. Identify what beliefs are giving rise to the emotion. #1 When we are afraid, we believe something is going to or could harm us.…More

OHPT: Thoughts on Omniscience (Chapter 6)

Ooooo this chapter is bringing me BACK. My first real undergraduate philosophy class was on the Problem of Evil, and I wrote my paper on theories of God’s omniscience. At the time I found my conclusion frustratingly trite and non-philosophical (“there is no good explanation for how we can retain freedom and God’s omnibenevolence and…More

A time for self-reflection

Good god, this COVID-19 situation is scary. I’m so glad to see U.S. citizens taking it seriously; my heart has been warmed at the ways people are taking care of each other. I hope that you are reading this safe at home with a full pantry and a plentiful but not hoarded amount of toilet…More

In-Between Thoughts: Aggressively Mediocre

3/15/20: This might be one of my last gym sessions for a while and OMG I DID 10 PULLUPS IN A ROW. TEN!!! I am super stoked. I guess consistency in showing up and pushing myself really does pay off. I also woke up at my next goal weight, so today I am feeling very…More

On living a full life

What does a “full life” mean? What are its parts? How does one do it? I recently bemoaned how often I default to reading when I have free time, and how I rely too much on books to fill my moments. What I had in mind were all the OTHER things I love doing —…More

In-Between Thoughts: pain and mindfulness

3/12/20: Oof, today’s gym session was ROUGH. Massive headache and the beginning of that special time of the month where my body decides I should be having a baby and is throwing a temper tantrum for being denied that right. Screw you, body! If only you were as passionate about adopting as I am… Onto…More