The joy of editing

As much as I love writing and would love more than anything to be in a group of thinking writerly friends like the Inklings, I’ve never been part of an intimate writing group. I did join an online group back when I was on facebook. I don’t remember much about my engagement with the group,…More

In-between Thoughts: I write to understand how I experience my mind

3/8/20: Did about 50 minutes on the stair stepper this morning, then a hike, and now hitting the gym for some weights. I am going to eat SO MUCH when I finally get home to eat my first meal! Intermittent fasting is awesome until you have days like today. #hangry Onto thoughts from in-between my…More

OHPT: Simplicity and Aseity (Chapter 5)

And just like that, with Chapter 5 we are into Section II! This section is concerned with the divine attributes of God. The chapters in Section I were focused on the bases of theology proper, which probably goes a long way to explaining my frustrations with the arguments. Theology is just based on more assumptions…More

Recipe: Turkey Two-Bean Cocoa Chili

As we hurtle towards spring, and a global pandemic threatens, I decided I had to post my favorite chili as a last celebration of chilly (RIM SHOT!) winter nights. In my mind, this is the perfect chili, made even more perfect when you top your bowl with a dollop of sour cream, a sprinkle of…More

In-Between Thoughts: Contextualizing Desires

My physical therapy is working! My foot is noticeably less numb and my butt and back definitely hurt more than they have in weeks. The pain is re-localizing, just like my PT wants. God bless the body’s ability to heal and all the gratitude to mine for doing it’s thing. Onto gym thoughts (another 8…More

Your Brain on Philanthropy: the Sunk Cost Fallacy

I’m going to switch gears a little here. Where as previously in this series I’ve been focusing on the ways donors and prospects perceive financial opportunities and situations and how fundraisers can be aware of those cognitive tendencies so as to avoid making unnecessary mistakes (and so as to being our best, most effective fundraising…More

In-Between Thoughts: Building Better Body Beliefs

Sunday 3/1/20: I did 8 pullups in a row! That was my all-time high about a year ago and I’ve been hoping (and working) to get back to it. Today was the day. I hit pullup 6 and decided I could do one more, then mid-7 decided to go for 8. I am quite pleased.…More

Honesty and surrender

When I started my honesty project/goal/intention/resolution(whatever), I had no idea that surrender would be such a huge part of honesty. Honesty is a clear, bold, brave acknowledgement of and commitment to truth. Of what is. That means that to be honest and live honestly, we have to go beyond the appearance of things: what we…More