Face masks are making me feel things

Just to be clear: I think wearing face masks in public and when around strangers is good, responsible, and important (even while maintaining six feet of distance). There is nothing I want more right now than for this virus to die out and for life to return to a semblance of normal. Not the normal…More

My decorating aesthetic is BOOKS

It’s official. I give up. I give in. I surrender. MY APARTMENT IS OVERRUN BY BOOKS. I cannot even tell you how much time and energy I have devoted to keeping the books in my life contained to my bookshelf and a stack on my desk. HOURS. I have also spent mucho money mailing books…More

OHPT: Thoughts on Omnipotence (Chapter 8)

Hoo boy. This chapter was a BEAST. To be honest, I don’t have the brain power to do it justice with a meaty review. My brain has been taken over by all things Hegel (HEGEL YOU BASTARD) and by just trying to stay sane and mentally healthy in the midst of quarantine. It’s getting harder…More

My nemesis (IS MY HUSBAND)

I always thought of “nemesis” as someone who was more competition than anything. Someone who wants the same things I do, is going after them in the same sphere I am, and tends to get in my way. Then I listened to the “Overconfidence: Hubris and Nemesis” episode the Stuff to Blow Your Mind podcast…More

Recipe: Lychee Citrus Martini with a Meyer lemon twist

One of my favorite Hawaii flavors is lychee. The stone fruit has a soft, sweet, floral, subtly grape-y texture and flavor and is the perfect snack accompaniment for long, hot, sandy beach days. It also, I discovered, makes for a killer martini. The other day while hunting for a particular wine at our corner liquor…More

Your Brain on Philanthropy: Relative Comparison biases

Earlier this year (just days before the State of Hawaii was issued a shelter-in-place order) I attended a Planned Giving seminar. The main speaker was Russell James, and wow. I was all a-tingle with nerdy joy at the content and depth of his research. He works for Texas Tech and researches the psychological influences on…More

Grad school thoughts (version 8,347,103)

I think I just live in an existential crisis. Perhaps I am who Sartre had in mind when he said we are condemned to be free?! Probably. He must have been thinking about me. I transcend the boundaries of space and time. Recently my pressing existential questions have been about academia. Do I want to…More

OHPT: Thoughts on Divine Eternity (Chapter 7)

Goodness. This article was a roller coaster. Some great philosophy, some good theology, and some strange science denialism. I shouldn’t be surprised when I come across science denial in this book (the assumptions and methods of science and theology being so different from one another), but it still surprises and saddens me nonetheless. But let’s…More

Self-Reflection during COVID-19: tackling the beliefs of anxiety

Even with the craziness and intensity of the current COVID-19 situation, I thought I was fine. Stressed about the state of the world and an uncertain future, sure. Who isn’t? But I thought I was handling and processing it all in a good, thorough, “work through it and be able to function normally” kind of…More