OHPT: Thoughts Petitionary Prayer (Chapter 13)

Whoosh, I have actually made it halfway through the OHPT. *pats self on back and pours self gigantic glass of wine* I have another post of thoughts on this process, both the reading and the writing, so I’ll keep this post to a review of Chapter 13. In we go…. Chapter 13, “Petitionary Prayer,” was…More

Examining the anti-Black racism of my chosen spaces

The reality of this American life is that every. single. place has been shaped by anti-black racism. There is no structure, no institution, no system that has not been formed, in part, by white supremacy, by anti-POC bias, by all insidious kinds of racism. It’s imperative that we acknowledge how broadly, deeply pervasive white supremacy…More

OHPT: Thoughts on Divine Providence (Chapter 12)

This chapter gave me major déjà vu. It touched on new topics, but I felt like it was a little bit of a rehash or mash-up of the chapters on divine omniscience and divine power. Maybe this was a good thing?! It certainly illustrates part of what I’m starting to think about when reviewing this…More

Unlearning “whiteness as the norm”

As many white people in the US these past couple of weeks, I’ve been taking a hard, hard look at who I am, how I behave and let myself be influenced, and what aspects of white supremacy I currently enable through my ignorance or desire to stay comfortable. It’s not pretty. One of my biggest…More

Two arguments against “the end justifies the means”

I recently listened to Dr. Shankar Vedantam interview Dr. Peter Singer on Vedantam’s (excellent) podcast, Hidden Brain. Singer is a contemporary utilitarianism, a philosopher of ethics who argues that the right thing to do is that which produces the most amount of happiness (or the least amount of suffering) in the world. On the face…More

OHPT: Thoughts on Divine Action and Evolution (Chapter 11)

WHEREIN a philosophical theologian (inadvertently?!) makes a case for Christian environmentalism. Better believe I “hearted” those passages. With last week’s chapter on Moral Perfection, we finished the section on “Divine Attributes” and plowed forward into “God and Creation.” Dr. Robin Collins leads off with a discussion of Divine Action and Evolution. Collins is Distinguished Professor…More