Review: The Gettier Problem

I recently reread one of my favorite papers in philosophy, “Is Justified Belief True Knowledge?” by Edmund Gettier. It’s my favorite for two reasons: 1). It challenges a (at the time) long-held definition of what counts as knowledge; and 2). It’s 1.5 pages. One and a half pages! Gettier is nothing if not succinct. Any…More

OHPT: Thoughts on The Problem of Evil (Chapter 15)

I was eager for this chapter, not just because the Problem of Evil is what drew me to philosophy, but because I was eager to see how someone would summarize the work done around this question. It is of such profound significance to almost every facet of theological arguments for God: her existence, her characteristics,…More

White supremacy in philanthropy

When I was ruminating over the anti-Black biases of my chosen spaces, of the Big Three – philosophy, conservation, and philanthropy — I had a hard time “figuring out” philanthropy. I do believe that everything in the US is touched by, and partially formed by, white supremacy, so I knew there is something problematic in…More

OHPT: Thoughts on Morality and Divine Authority (Chapter 14)

Hoo boy, this chapter was a doozy!! I had my work cut out for me on this one. Hence why my review is a week late. I highly doubt anyone will mind… Chapter 14, “Morality and Divine Authority”, was written by Dr. Mark C. Murphy, Robert L. McDevitt, K.S.G., K.C.H.S. and Catherine H. McDevitt L.C.H.S. Chair in Religious Philosophy at Georgetown University.…More

Review: Aspiration by Agnes Callard

I haven’t done a book review in a looooong time. Years. (I do consider my year-long project of reading and commenting on every chapter in the Oxford Handbook of Philosophical Theology to be some kind of review, but NONE OF YOU ARE READING THOSE AND I AM TOTALLY NOT MIFFED BY THIS AT ALL.) This…More

I’m halfway through the OHPT and I have THOUGHTS

Woo! We’re half way through the Oxford Handbook of Philosophical Theology, folks! I say “we” and “folks” but my metrics tell me very few people are actually reading these posts. (Fewer than my usual few, even!) I’m not at all offended or bummed by this. It’s kind of what I expected, for a couple reasons…More