I’ve been thinking about Supreme Court justices

It’s an odd and rather endearing quality of humans that as soon as someone passes, if they were good at something, anything really, then we suddenly view them through rose-colored glasses and believe, even for a moment, that they were transcendent. They become other-worldly, almost god-like in our eyes. I kind of love this about…More

An ethics course that actually helps people *be* more ethical

A few weeks ago, one of my favorite philosophy tweet follows, Nigel Warburton (@philosophybites), British philosopher and host of the fantastic podcast, Philosophy Bites, tweeted a question (a tweet I can no longer find because I am tech-inept) that was something to the effect of: If you were to teach an ethics class that was…More

OHPT: Thoughts on Original Sin and Atonement (Chapter 19)

Chapter 19 tackles one of the biggest questions in Christian theology, for the trained theologian and the layperson: how is it that Christ’s death on the Cross atoned for humanity’s sins? For that matter, what does “atone” mean? This chapter was written by Oliver D. Crisp. Dr. Crisp is Professor of Analytic Theology at the…More

OHPT: Thoughts on The Trinity (Chapter 18)

At first I was a little disappointed opening this chapter, because I realized we were entering a new section, leaving behind my beloved Problem of Evil. But Section IV, Topics in Christian Philosophical Theology (is that not what we’ve been doing this whole time?! Je suis confus) started off with an oldie but a goodie:…More