In-between Thoughts: new things in the new year

Remember this series?! That I’m picking it up again must mean…

I’m back at the gym!!

Repping TNC with my gym mask! Let’s build muscles *and* build a more resilient planet. We can do two things!

Our regular gym, the university rec center, was closed for most of the pandemic last year, and even when it was open I was pretty nervous to go. All those bodily excretions and heavy breathing and 20-year-old bros not wiping down equipment basically meant COVID THREAT LEVEL MIDNIGHT. But Hawaii has been really good at managing the pandemic AND we just moved to the Windward side so: gym it is! A NEW gym. Dreamy. Goodness, I have missed lifting heavy. I have missed that particularly delicious feeling of soreness that comes from pushing your muscles to their limit. I have missed feeling badass when I lift something heavier than I ever have. I have missed…

OK, I’ll stop because that’s not the point of this post. (I mean, I guess it could be?! Gyms are lawless places.) Onto “thoughts I had in between sets.”

1. Goodness I have missed lifting heavy. (Hey, look at that! It was to-the-point after all.)

2. I. Love. The Windward. Side. This part of the island feels so foreign compared to the south shore. It’s lush, quiet, more island-suburb-y. Exactly what we were looking for. Our apartment is amazing, too! Two bedrooms, a mini garage, and even a little dining area. I can finally get a dining table and chairs! I MAY CRY. I also “splurged” and got myself a second bookshelf because eff it – we have space and I am tired of giving away books I cherish just to make room for new and different books I cherish.

3. I will kinda miss giving away books. Ha!

4. Well, I’ll still need to give away books. I read a TON and only have two bookshelves to accommodate the books I read. I also believe strongly in buying books when I can, to support writers. I also love love love the process of curating my bookshelf. Having a small set of shelves means I can only keep the books that really mean something to me. I am very pleased with my bookshelf and what I have read and chosen to keep. It reflects me in a very particular and meaningful way. Now it gets to reflect more of me, but a little less perfectly, or perhaps a little less accurately. Ce la vie.

5. I am contemplating continuing with the philosophy PhD after my MA program. I mean, they’d have to accept me, but it’s looking pretty good. This fills me with levels of excitement I can’t convey here and also terror. It would be so much work, not all of it the fulfilling kind. It would be a lot of time. It would require a shifting of things. But I am ridiculously excited to explore the possibility. I even have a dissertation topic picked out and the beginnings written! You should have expected that from me by now.

6. I am not at all ready for another semester of a graduate philosophy course and a language course. I feel so tired. It will be a real test of my fortitude, but I am already being proactive about how to get through it.

7. Is there anything that more hilariously screams “CHRISTMAS IS OVER” than a bunch of inflatable Christmas lawn ornaments deflated and collapsed in on themselves? #inbetweenthoughtsonthedrivehome

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