In-between thoughts: recovery and YOUR MASK GOES OVER YOUR @#$%!^$# NOSE

  1. One day last week we made the mistake of going to the gym at the WORST time of all: after 5pm. Never ever EVER go to the gym between 3pm and 7pm. Just don’t do it. Especially during COVID. Anyway, besides the stress of trying to maintain social distance and carve a meandering path between bros doing bicep curls (so.much.grunting), at one point I looked around and fully 80% of the people I saw (mostly men) were wearing their masks UNDER their noses. HOW LONG HAVE WE HAD TO WEAR MASKS AND HOW LONG HAVE WE HAD TIME TO LEARN HOW TO WEAR THEM PROPERLY?! I was so pissed. I even went down to the front desk and asked them to go upstairs and ask all the people wearing masks incorrectly to put them over their noses. They did, thankfully, and said they regularly do masks checks. Not enough, apparently.
  2. In unrelated news, I am going to order four t-shirts with “THE MASK GOES OVER YOUR NOSE” in big, red, scary letters and those will be my gym shirts.
  3. Chris thinks I should just “let it go” but I think he’s a big butt-wad.
  4. I’ve been having the weirdest experiences with my pullups. When we first went to the gym, probably the first week in January?, I banged out six in a row. Not bad for someone who hadn’t done a pullup in over a month! Then the next back day? I could barely do two. The next week’s back day, after four or so full days off of back work? Same — I barely eked out two. Yesterday I managed to get four in a row before Chris had to assist me to the full set of eight, but I am finding this all very weird. I’ve been able to progress in all my other heavy lifts — step-ups (holding 30s! I am still staying away from rack squats and deadlifts in order to protect my sad little back), bench press (I’m up to 110 for reps!), walking lunges (holding 30s!), leg curls (whatever level 7 means!), even cable rows (85 for sets of 6!). It’s just strange to me that I’ve gone backwards in pullups while progressing in all others, when this past year I’ve been really strong in pull-ups and strong in LITERALLY nothing else. Everything is flip-flopped. What is up with that. BODY, WHAT YOU DOING
  5. Chris has a theory that I think is likely true. I’m not recovering. I tend not to rest well, and now that I’m lifting heavy four days a week, it’s taking a toll on my body a bit. I’ve added physical stress but not accounted for it in intentional and additional rest. Most of the toll is only really evident in my pull-up strength, but still. I’m still not sleeping great (though Melatonin is helping), I’m stressed with school + work, and I’m just going through some fun emotional stuff that is hard to figure out and deal with. My body and brain are tired, I think. So to keep with my resolution to make this a year I learn to REST, each week I’m going to take two days completely off from working out (cardio and weights) and then make sure I do as little homework as possible on one of those days to give my brain a rest, too.
  6. Today is Biden’s inauguration. Today we get Vice President Kamala Harris. Madam Vice President. Today is a very, very good day.
Good luck Gau for the dawning of a New Year. Chris says it tastes like Play-Doh smells.

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