In-between thoughts: sometimes a woman just needs a damn crown

Look what I made! Earlier this week a friend organized a little outdoor happy hour haku-making party. It was sooo therapeutic and of course I dressed up to take an abundance of selfies with MY NEW TROPICAL FLOWER CROWN. They last a few days in the fridge, so I keep pulling it out to eat…More

GOP vs. Democratic Party in a nutshell

As revealed by the recent power emergency in Texas: The GOP invents emergencies in order to gain power. The Democratic Party uses its power to provide relief to citizens in actual emergencies. The two parties are not the same.More

Religion and unity

How do we get people to come to the church and make them feel safe and still remind them that they suck and are headed to hell? Omar Abreu, on their experience as a queer attendee of Hillsong Church, quoted from It’s been a long time since I have been out of my childhood…More

In-between thoughts: De-load Week!

Random thoughts in between sets at the gym. It’s De-load Week! No, I didn’t expect it, either. Chris realized he wasn’t recovering well from his heavy lifting workouts and decided to make this week a working recovery week. When he described his non-recovery symptoms, I recognized some in myself. (Though he cares A LOT about…More

The oppressions we permit

I recently read a Vanity Fair article on the many, many issues in Hillsong Church. It’s horrifying. I have many thoughts about churches and church communities and the abuse or manipulation that is often excused as “tough, biblical love”, but today I am mostly pissed at one thing: So many of these harms against women,…More

The limits of selflessness

I’ve been going through some stuff lately (not much I can share on this public, though little-read, blog). One thing my therapist reminded me is that I am not in charge of other peoples’ happiness. That’s their job. My happiness is the only happiness I’m responsible for, and I need to let go of any…More

My Indigenous Peoples’ Land Acknowledgement

I’ve talked about this a couple different times (why do I always think of land acknowledgements while lifting weights? The world may never know….). I am happy to say that I finally put together my Indigenous Peoples’ Land Acknowledgement. Leaders in my organization encouraged us to put one together based on information and guidance from…More

In-between thoughts: ear infections and the Thanos Trolley Problem

Random thoughts in between sets at the gym. 1. I finally wrote up my Indigenous People’s Land Acknowledgement and I am really happy to have that ready to go the next time I host a work gathering or event on Zoom. I’ll share in a different post, because of course I have thoughts about it.…More