Listen to me

Lately I feel like so many men in my life refuse to hear me. I am so tired of having things I say immediately – IMMEDIATELY – contradicted, without the other party even taking the time to consider and think through and ask questions about what I said. The arrogance and dismissiveness are astounding and beyond frustrating.

The worst part? They often change their mind around to my point at a later date. But I never get any credit. I don’t get credit in their mind for that point of view in the first place, and don’t get credit for being a trusted source of thoughtful opinions and useful suggestions later. How maddening to have the things you experience and see so clearly be discounted so broadly and quickly.

Now, I say this as a white American woman. One of the most privileged demographics of people in world history. While I had started this post a few days ago as a feminist critique, I know that I am also prone to not listening to the black women shouting their experience and knowledge from the rooftops.

Rather than end with more of my thoughts on my own situation, I think it better to highlight some of the black women voices I have been listening to this past week after the murder of Daunte Wright, and now the murder of Adam Tuledo, to demonstrate the kind of listening I think the world owes women, but especially owes WOC. Their thoughts and solutions are the ones I want to adopt for fixing (abolishing??) our law enforcement, and I want to put them front and center from the beginning.

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