SEP, what do you want from me

Ready for a pointless mental wandering that probably interests only me? I PROVIDE.

My husband studies SEPs: Solar Energetic Particles.

One of my go-to study tools is the SEP: the Stanford Encyclopedia of Philosophy.

Do the letters S, E, and P exhibit some kind of magnetic or guiding power over my life?

If I had married an accountant or IRS official, would I only have been attracted to those who studied and worked with the Simplified Employee Pension plan?

If I worked for the U.S. Department of Energy, would I only be satisfied if I worked my way into the State Energy Program?

If I worked in IT, would I only feel secure if my company used SEPUSA backup software?

If my grandpa were a veteran, would I eagerly volunteer to help him navigate the Stakeholder Enterprise Portal?

If we end up adopting three kids, will they have names that start with S, E, and P? (I do love the names Sam(antha), Eric(a), and Patric(ia))

Is this is the reason I love Soup, Eggs, and Pineapple? (not together)

How deep does this SEP thing go? ALL THE WAY TO THE TOP?!

The end.

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