Welcome to a little peek into my brain! Over the last couple of years, I’ve been writing a book about authenticity (which you can check out here! Images of God), and along the way I have found that there are a lot of little life moments that are relevant to authenticity, but don’t have a place in my book. I wanted to create a place where I could record those thoughts and wander down rabbit holes, so, here we are.

Driving my explorations of authenticity is my passion for truth and “reality,” as lofty and senior-philosophy-thesis-cliched as that sounds. In every situation, I really do want to know what is real and true about this world and the people in it. This includes finding out what is true about myself, even when that truth is uncomfortable and unpleasant. I think there is nothing more beautiful than truth. It is solid and comforting and challenging and frustrating and frightening and freeing. There is nothing better than knowing and believing what is true, and I want to learn how to use a better grasp of reality to become a better person. I want to care more about what is true than what I want or believe to be true.

I read a lot, and find reading to be even more important than writing. I couldn’t even map my worldview in terms of books I’ve read because it would be a huge, unwieldy, complicated, layered mass of ideas connecting to past histories to fictional themes teasing out some fascinating philosophical dilemma and on and on… But, because I can’t help but recommend my favorites, I’ve made a books page with summaries about some of the books that have contributed a lot to my mode of thought on authenticity. I’ve also included links so you can purchase them, if you are so inclined. (Side note: you totally should be.)

Of course, there will also be much of “me” sprinkled throughout the site, some ridiculousness and silliness. Humans are not always concerned with reality, truth, and other heavy subjects. Sometimes we’re just concerned with finding a good recipe for pot roast or “wondering” why the DVR keeps recording new episodes of “Total Bellas” (I would NEVER).

I look forward to sharing my thoughts, to (hopefully) finding something significant to say, and to (hopefully) reading thoughts from any readers out there (real or imaginary – I’m not picky). Thank you for reading!

Jana M. Light is a writer living in Honolulu, Hawaii. She loves classical music, high intensity workouts, running, the beach, theology, philosophy, science, anything true, and (most of all) her physics-studying husband.


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