Thank you for reading! This is the place on the internet where I collect my thoughts and work out some of the complexities of life and authenticity. It’s my cliché “little corner of the interwebs” and I’m grateful you stopped by.

A little about me and a glimpse into what you’ll find here…

  1. I love to learn. Love, love, love it. My favorite method of learning is reading, and I read as much as I can. You’ll find lots of references to books and I try to update some of my current favorites here.
  2. I love to talk. (Everyone who knows me says “No sh&*, Sherlock.”) There is nothing more fun than talking out complex, interesting ideas with complex, interesting people. What’s the point of learning if you can’t share and receive from others?! I have a podcast with one of the most complex, interesting, and awesome people in my life, all about philosophy, theory, and what some of the most complicated or esoteric ideas can illuminate about our day-to-day lives. You can find ways to listen here.
  3. I love to write. That’s the best way I seal ideas in my memory and understanding. As Flannery O’Connor said, “I write because I don’t know what I think until I read what I wrote.” Writing is where I find out whether I truly understand an idea and where I dissect it and find out whether I have anything interesting or new to say about it. You can read my on-going thoughts on my blog or read my book (YES I WROTE A BOOK! I’m still very proud of the effort) here.
  4. I’m an ordained clergy of the Universal Life Church! It was a rigorous process of entering my email address. I performed my first wedding in August 2018 and found the experience incredibly meaningful, fulfilling, and humbling. I would love to do more, where I can be of service to people who are looking for the kind of service I can provide.

Oh yeah, and I live in Hawai’i. People tend to like that part.

Not every day is like this, but the fact that every day could be like this is pretty amazing.

I’m in love with all that Hawai’i has to offer – the natural beauty, the indigenous people and the culture they let me observe and even participate in, the wildlife, the food… it’s a magical and difficult place. When I’m not here, you’ll often find me running along the beach, SUPing in Kaneohe Bay, or swim-exploring the coral reefs around Oahu.

There is certainly more I can say, but I’ll let my blog speak to that. I look forward to sharing my thoughts, to (hopefully) finding something significant to say, and to (hopefully) reading thoughts from any readers out there (real or imaginary – I’m not picky). Thank you for visiting!

Jana M. Light is a fundraiser and writer living in Kaneohe, Hawaii. She loves nature, classical music, high intensity workouts, running, the beach, philosophy, science, her cats, anything true, and (most of all) her physics-studying husband.


  1. Lana Mae says:

    Hey I loved reading about you! I just wrote my first blog post a few days ago. Its about blessings. Mind checking it out if you have time? https://blessed5ever.home.blog


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