Our bodies tell us what it’s like to be ourselves

There are so many little ways I inhabit and experience my body. Which is just another way of saying there are so many little sensory experiences that add up to “what it feels like to be me”. Typing right now, my thumb nail is digging slightly into the skin around it, making a strange scratching…More

The wonder of being witness

I was listening to contemporary Hawaiian music on our TV the other day, and the album cover of the track playing showed a Native Hawaiian man, with tribal tattoos and half-tied-back black, wavy hair, standing on a beach smiling at someone off-camera. I was filled with a sense of awe for the remoteness and richness…More

Recipe: Spiced Cherry Muffins (and they’re vegan!)

I bought a can of OREGON Dark Sweet Cherries a few week ago, intending to make my favorite Chocolate Cherry Loaf from the steely-eyed Paul Hollywood. (It is seriously so, so good.) However, when later in the week Chris told me that chocolate hasn’t been sitting well with his stomach lately, I decided to switch…More

In-between Thoughts: HIITing the reset button

Thoughts between sets at the gym. Whoosh, I took two weeks off from the gym and today is ROUGH. In some ways I feel stronger (breaks are where the muscle rebuilds!!), in others decidedly weaker. Oh muscles. You are quixotic little buggers. I took some time off because I was performing a little experiment. I…More

Hawai’i unsettles

Hawai’i constantly unmoors me. Just when I think I have Hawai’i figured out with its swaying palms, I find myself surrounded by that most PNW of trees, the pine. Our home is in the middle of a hundred pines, interspersed with only the occasional palm tree. The piney smell hits me every time I step…More

In-between thoughts: what would change your mind?

There’s a good rule of thumb in evaluating your own beliefs that if there is NOTHING that you say would change your mind on something, then you are not thinking well. It’s important to recognize the limits of our beliefs and make sure we establish the guardrails that will help us from running off the…More

Trying to find security in the most insecure places

I was thinking of Abraham Maslow‘s hierarchy of needs the other day. All needs are about security. Fulfilling a need is making our well-being more certain, making our lives more secure. Everything we seek out is, in some way, helping us feel more secure. Security (because it helps ensure our survival) drives pretty much all…More

In-between thoughts: things I’ve been reading

Thoughts in-between sets at the gym. I realized today that the only lift that still makes me nervous is the pull-up. Before every set my hands start to sweat and I get tingles. Is it love? Is it nerves? Am I twitterpated or just terrified? Or perhaps a blend of all because I love me…More

Why women cry about criticism

Was this click-bait-y and enraging enough? I gave it my best. At the gym the other day I was thinking about the tired trope that women cry when criticized. I hate this trope for several reasons, none of which I realized are relevant to the actual truth value (whatever it may be) of the trope.…More

We (must) matter most to ourselves

As I was continuing my thoughts about friendships (SO. MANY. THOUGHTS), one word that kept coming to mind was “matter.” To form a friendship is to make someone matter to us. To matter is to be of importance. To matter to someone is to be of importance (to be important) to someone. All relationships are…More