In-between thoughts: dreams are happening

Thoughts between sets at the gym. ~ I have been having the weirdest, most vivid dreams lately. They haven’t been particularly stressful (no recurrence of the dream where I’m a waitress and can’t seem to get to a table and they’re getting super pissed, thankfully), they’ve just been… Chaotic? Vividly chaotic. I wonder why my…More

What does “good” look like to you?

In the Hidden Brain episode “Did That Really Happen?“, Shankar Vidantan and his guest, psychologist Dr. Ayanna Thomas, talk about how unreliable our memories are, specifically regarding visual memory. We are remarkably susceptible to the power of suggestion. If someone tells us we wore a blue shirt on Christmas when we were 12, we are…More

In-between thoughts: pandemic brain fog sets in

Thoughts between sets at the gym. I have no thoughts. My only thoughts are snagged between sets at the gym, and even these I have to kinda work at. “What has caught my attention lately?” “What am I puzzling over lately?” The answer is nothing. If anything is too complex, instead of thinking it through…More

In-between thoughts: we choose our own meaning

Thoughts in between sets at the gym. I turned in my papers for my oral exam! Is it weird that I’m getting excited? I get to talk about my ideas for an hour and a half. I tend to do well speaking in front of people, so I even think the high-stress format might play…More

In-between thoughts: just breathe

Thoughts between sets at the gym. Oh my good gravy. I am spent. I have been running on a low thrum of high-stress for months now and I am just kind of… Done? Like, my body is exhausted. My brain is exhausted. But this coming Wednesday I’ll be able to turn in my papers to…More

Two confessions and fully rehabilitating the word “emotional”

Ok, ready for a confession? An embarrassing confession? I watch The Challenge dang near religiously. Like, every week. I even have started listening to a stupid podcast about it. Every. Stinkin’. Week. Chris got me started watching this show and I… I can’t quit it. OH THE LEVELS OF DEPRAVITY TO WHICH WE SINK IN…More

Is science inevitable? Are the arts miraculous?

Somewhere, something incredible is waiting to be known. Carl Sagan I recently finished reading A Canticle for Leibowitz, which is one of the best post- (and pre!) apocalyptical novels I’ve read in a long time. I feel and think many things about it, but one of the things that it made me continue to think…More

In-between thoughts: sometimes a woman just needs a damn crown

Look what I made! Earlier this week a friend organized a little outdoor happy hour haku-making party. It was sooo therapeutic and of course I dressed up to take an abundance of selfies with MY NEW TROPICAL FLOWER CROWN. They last a few days in the fridge, so I keep pulling it out to eat…More

GOP vs. Democratic Party in a nutshell

As revealed by the recent power emergency in Texas: The GOP invents emergencies in order to gain power. The Democratic Party uses its power to provide relief to citizens in actual emergencies. The two parties are not the same.More

Religion and unity

How do we get people to come to the church and make them feel safe and still remind them that they suck and are headed to hell? Omar Abreu, on their experience as a queer attendee of Hillsong Church, quoted from It’s been a long time since I have been out of my childhood…More