The best things I read in March

Well, shoot. We are rapidly hurtling through May, which means this post is less than timely. AND I SKIPPED A WHOLE MONTH. BUT I have an excuse (not that anyone is demanding one). April is the month where school starts kicking my butt and work starts getting crazy with end-of-the-semester events and for other work-related … Continue reading The best things I read in March


Truth has no end point

The point of writing philosophy is to be a catalyst to other people's thought, not to set down the truth for all time.Nigel Warburton, Philosophy Bites podcast host One thing I love about philosophy and science is that they are, in their own ways, never-ending. There will never be a point at which either science … Continue reading Truth has no end point

In-Between Thoughts 3.11.19: Meaning-making

I did sumo deadlifts today! I am enjoying this lift so far. It really targets the glutes and inner thighs, so it's slightly different-feeling than my regularly-scheduled deadlifts. I've had the same routine for a while now, so even this little modification is a nice, invigorating change. Now onto thinking thoughts of the thinker variety... … Continue reading In-Between Thoughts 3.11.19: Meaning-making

Happiness and the meaningful life, and how Hawaii both helps and hurts (new-ish AOV episode)

Diane and I recorded a new podcast episode exploring the relationship between happiness and pleasure. I really like how Martin Seligman, one of the creators of the field of positive psychology, characterizes happiness: an overall state, the arc of a life that includes more positively-valenced feelings than negatively-valenced feelings. AOV Episode 24: Happiness/Pleasure The three … Continue reading Happiness and the meaningful life, and how Hawaii both helps and hurts (new-ish AOV episode)