You know that feeling where you get so annoyed by the mess in your house and by the person who leaves his stuff EV-ERY-WHERE, then you go on a tear and start cleaning everything and realize that it's actually YOUR stuff that is EV-ERY-WHERE and that it is actually YOU who is the slob, and … Continue reading ANNOYED AT MYSELF


Grateful for the struggle

At the risk of overselling the power of mantras (I am no big fan of The Secret), practicing my three mantras has really changed the emotional tone of my days. I've always struggled with anxiety, and speaking these to myself throughout the day has done something pretty marvelous to my sense of peace, calm, and humble … Continue reading Grateful for the struggle

In-Between Thoughts 2.13.19 — strengthening others against shame

Lifting update: I'm still seeing improvements and am consistently getting my strength back, a little at a time. Slow and steady works! Aaaaaand onto thoughts... On Tuesday Diane and I published a podcast episode on shame/guilt, and it was such a satisfying one to record because I struggle so much with shame. As such, I … Continue reading In-Between Thoughts 2.13.19 — strengthening others against shame

Against anxiety: how I’m practicing the present moment

As I mentioned in my post on holiday reading, I end/start every calendar year by reading The Sacrament of the Present Moment by Jean-Pierre de Caussade. It is one of the most profound in-the-daily-living sense books I've read and reading it always stills me and gives me a sense of peace in my midst of my near-constant anxiety. I decided this … Continue reading Against anxiety: how I’m practicing the present moment

In-Between Thoughts 1.28.18: Creating environments

Finally shredding some of that holiday/prolonged guests-and-playing-and-eating-like-a-tourist fluff! Very slowly. Because #wine and #cheese and #carbs are too beautiful to forswear entirely. But I definitely had some wonderful times and eats the last few months, and those memories and times make me happy, just as getting back into my regular shape is making me happy. … Continue reading In-Between Thoughts 1.28.18: Creating environments

Kicking off AOV podcast season 4: Emotions

I'm so excited for the 4th season of And/Or/Versus! Diane and I are going to be tackling a subject very near and dear to my heart: emotions. Specifically, emotions as entry points for understanding ourselves and how we see the world. Listen here: Episode 21: Feeling/Reason We kick off our season with Episode 21: Feeling/Reason … Continue reading Kicking off AOV podcast season 4: Emotions