The hope of Christmas

Last year I wrote a series about my 12 joys of Christmas. It was fun, a little out of character for my blog in general, and ended up being a nice bit of fluff during a stressful time of year. This year, however, I'm feeling... blue. Melancholy. Grieving. I feel just as much joy as … Continue reading The hope of Christmas

12 Holiday Joys, Joy 12 – Meaning

My 12th and final post about the joys of the holiday season. I hope you have enjoyed this little series, and thank you for tolerating my penchant for introspection (slash navel-gazing), which gets only more pronounced this time of year. I've been thinking about this post for months. The meaning of Christmas as my favorite … Continue reading 12 Holiday Joys, Joy 12 – Meaning

12 Holiday Joys, Joy 6 – Privilege

The winter holiday season in American can be a gluttonous, slobbering, insatiable beast, feeding off of images of desirable privilege and spewing forth messages of love and happiness as codified by wealth, gain, dollars spent, and the virtue of obtaining the newest gadget simply because it's new. Oddly enough, my favorite time of year is … Continue reading 12 Holiday Joys, Joy 6 – Privilege