At the Moment … 10.18.18

1. Last night I made homemade mayo (so easy!) and today I did 8 pullups in a row. I FEEL INVINCABLE. 2. I have been putting off getting a haircut for too many months now and my hair is officially stringy and raggedy. Also, somewhat related, my mid-30s have not been kind to my hair … Continue reading At the Moment … 10.18.18


At the moment 6.8.18

Paradise. GRADUATE SCHOOL ALMOST KILLED ME BUT I SURVIVED. Whoosh, that was a stressful couple of weeks. Two of my first real graduate philosophy papers coming due (my Purdue papers didn't count because they hardcore sucked) and a big trip to California and Colorado for work collided into a stressful last couple of weeks. But … Continue reading At the moment 6.8.18