Recipe: Spiced Cherry Muffins (and they’re vegan!)

I bought a can of OREGON Dark Sweet Cherries a few week ago, intending to make my favorite Chocolate Cherry Loaf from the steely-eyed Paul Hollywood. (It is seriously so, so good.) However, when later in the week Chris told me that chocolate hasn’t been sitting well with his stomach lately, I decided to switch…More

My new favorite snack: air-fryer dehydrated pineapple

Are you ready for the easiest, tastiest, most tropical recipe ever?! It’s amazing. And so simple I shouldn’t even call it a recipe. But I will. Because this is my website and I make the rules. Here it is: cut up a pineapple. Throw it in the air fryer at 135 degrees for 7.5 hours.…More

In-between thoughts: ear infections and the Thanos Trolley Problem

Random thoughts in between sets at the gym. 1. I finally wrote up my Indigenous People’s Land Acknowledgement and I am really happy to have that ready to go the next time I host a work gathering or event on Zoom. I’ll share in a different post, because of course I have thoughts about it.…More

On salt

Yes, salt. I was thinking about salt today. Last year I watched the short Netflix series Salt, Fat, Acid, Heat and was struck by how much dang SALT Samin Nosrat put on her food! Glorious. Salt is the white, pink, black sand of the gods. I love it so much. I also hate it. Salt…More

2021 Thematic Menu Planning (recipes linked!)

The post the prophecy foretold! Aka, a chance to share pretty much ALL of my favorite recipes. As documented elsewhere, I love love love food — making it, eating it, finding new recipes. It’s all delightful. That being said, I don’t always find it delightful. When weeks get nutty and the stress ramps up, planning…More

Rosemary Ginger French 75

This is my new favorite celebration cocktail! Let’s be honest – nothing beats a glass of real champagne (yummers) but this is a lovely, fragrant alternative that also makes for a very refreshing summer sipper. Cheers to 2021! Rosemary Ginger French 75 (makes 2 drinks) 1/4 cup white sugar1/4 cup water1/2 inch knob of fresh…More

Recipe: Lychee Citrus Martini with a Meyer lemon twist

One of my favorite Hawaii flavors is lychee. The stone fruit has a soft, sweet, floral, subtly grape-y texture and flavor and is the perfect snack accompaniment for long, hot, sandy beach days. It also, I discovered, makes for a killer martini. The other day while hunting for a particular wine at our corner liquor…More

On living a full life

What does a “full life” mean? What are its parts? How does one do it? I recently bemoaned how often I default to reading when I have free time, and how I rely too much on books to fill my moments. What I had in mind were all the OTHER things I love doing —…More

Recipe: Turkey Two-Bean Cocoa Chili

As we hurtle towards spring, and a global pandemic threatens, I decided I had to post my favorite chili as a last celebration of chilly (RIM SHOT!) winter nights. In my mind, this is the perfect chili, made even more perfect when you top your bowl with a dollop of sour cream, a sprinkle of…More