In-between thoughts: trusting myself

Thoughts in-between sets at the gym. OH MY GOSH WHY DID I TAKE A MONTH OFF FROM LIFTING. That was so dumb. So, so dumb. I am markedly weaker. But I guess this gives me a goal (my former strength waahh) so I’ll embrace it. Also, only one of my Bluetooth ear buds is working.…More


Thoughts between sets at the gym. It’s starting to be a theme. A couple weeks off from the gym, one or two sessions, then a couple weeks off. What can I say, I take rest and recovery VERY VERY seriously. But I’m here, I’m lifting, and I’m looking forward to being VERY VERY sore the…More

In-between Thoughts: HIITing the reset button

Thoughts between sets at the gym. Whoosh, I took two weeks off from the gym and today is ROUGH. In some ways I feel stronger (breaks are where the muscle rebuilds!!), in others decidedly weaker. Oh muscles. You are quixotic little buggers. I took some time off because I was performing a little experiment. I…More

In-between thoughts: things I’ve been reading

Thoughts in-between sets at the gym. I realized today that the only lift that still makes me nervous is the pull-up. Before every set my hands start to sweat and I get tingles. Is it love? Is it nerves? Am I twitterpated or just terrified? Or perhaps a blend of all because I love me…More

In-between thoughts: my philosophy love is weirding people out

Thoughts between sets at the gym. Well, guess who has two thumbs had a physical therapy appointment to check up on her herniated disc and heard the phrase “you might have to get comfortable with doing these exercises daily for the rest of your life, and also don’t bend over at the waist, like, ever…More

In-between thoughts: brain break

Thoughts between sets at the gym, from Friday, July 2. Today I went to the gym with absolutely no idea of what I was going to do. I just knew I needed a good, sweaty, fun gym sesh. Plus, I knew I needed to be good to my back; I didn’t want to do legs…More

In-between thoughts: I guess I am a travel blogger now

Thoughts between sets at the gym. Hoo boy, first leg workout in a few weeks. If I can walk tomorrow I will count it a miracle. 1. I am still so very tired. I hate that exhaustion is such a non-specific symptom because it is so hard to pinpoint the cause and a solution. More…More

In-between thoughts: dreams are happening

Thoughts between sets at the gym. ~ I have been having the weirdest, most vivid dreams lately. They haven’t been particularly stressful (no recurrence of the dream where I’m a waitress and can’t seem to get to a table and they’re getting super pissed, thankfully), they’ve just been… Chaotic? Vividly chaotic. I wonder why my…More

In-between thoughts: pandemic brain fog sets in

Thoughts between sets at the gym. I have no thoughts. My only thoughts are snagged between sets at the gym, and even these I have to kinda work at. “What has caught my attention lately?” “What am I puzzling over lately?” The answer is nothing. If anything is too complex, instead of thinking it through…More

In-between thoughts: we choose our own meaning

Thoughts in between sets at the gym. I turned in my papers for my oral exam! Is it weird that I’m getting excited? I get to talk about my ideas for an hour and a half. I tend to do well speaking in front of people, so I even think the high-stress format might play…More