In-Between Thoughts: pain and mindfulness

3/12/20: Oof, today’s gym session was ROUGH. Massive headache and the beginning of that special time of the month where my body decides I should be having a baby and is throwing a temper tantrum for being denied that right. Screw you, body! If only you were as passionate about adopting as I am… Onto…More

In-between Thoughts: I write to understand how I experience my mind

3/8/20: Did about 50 minutes on the stair stepper this morning, then a hike, and now hitting the gym for some weights. I am going to eat SO MUCH when I finally get home to eat my first meal! Intermittent fasting is awesome until you have days like today. #hangry Onto thoughts from in-between my…More

In-Between Thoughts: Contextualizing Desires

My physical therapy is working! My foot is noticeably less numb and my butt and back definitely hurt more than they have in weeks. The pain is re-localizing, just like my PT wants. God bless the body’s ability to heal and all the gratitude to mine for doing it’s thing. Onto gym thoughts (another 8…More

In-Between Thoughts: Building Better Body Beliefs

Sunday 3/1/20: I did 8 pullups in a row! That was my all-time high about a year ago and I’ve been hoping (and working) to get back to it. Today was the day. I hit pullup 6 and decided I could do one more, then mid-7 decided to go for 8. I am quite pleased.…More

In-Between Thoughts: Bad Body Beliefs

Holy crap. Lifting after four weeks off makes for a VERY sore upper body. Even as I’m lifting now, four days later, I feel the soreness. Honestly? IT FEELS SO GOOD. I missed this feeling. Now to count down the days until my herniated disc heals and my lower body is set free! Speaking of…More

In-Between Thoughts: Cockroaches EVERYWHERE AND NOWHERE

First time lifting since… *checks lifting log* January 30. That’s not too bad, all things considered! Thankfully, I found that haven’t lost ALL my strength. Still did six pullups in a row. I kept all the same weight for my other lifts. The only thing that changed is that I now lift with perfect posture.…More

In-Between Thoughts 2/21/20: Stepping Up

I had my first physical therapy appointment yesterday, to figure out what I can do to help my back heal from this awesome, totally not-inconvenient herniated disc. (MAN it feels good getting old.) The exercises she gave me are hilariously “old person”, but I am all in on doing whatever the experts tell me will…More

In-Between Thoughts 2.6.20: I’m sensing a theme…

To be more accurate, these are “after” thoughts. There was no In-Between because I was stuck on a treadmill. Walking. For 30 minutes. I grumble, but in truth it felt really good. Remember when I said my sciatica was getting better? NOPE. Reality caught up with my denial. I have a big ol’ herniated disc…More

In-Between Thoughts 1.30.20: toothpicks and sorrow

My sciatica is getting better! Quick, give me all the wood on which to knock. I think foam rolling has been the magic bullet. Holy crap. I was starting to get so depressed and fatigued. It’s awful not to be able to walk, sit, stand, or lie comfortably. For weeks. With no end in the…More

In-Between Thoughts 12.11.19: are ideas real?

Awww, Wednesday was my last philosophy class for the semester. I didn’t expect to say this going into a class dedicated to studying Marx, Freud, and Deleuze & Guattari, but it was my favorite class so far. I KNOW. Who’d a thunk I’d become a semi-Marxist at the ripe old age of 37? Now I…More