In-Between Thoughts 10.22.18

You know how I said we had finally broken through the heat+humidity? I counted too many chickens. Dammit. Back to sweating. In my late-mid-30s, I think I’m finally gaining the confidence to disregard irrational or unwelcome judgment, sexism, and other false proclamations of my value and worth. I am beyond heartened to see and feel…More

In-Between Thoughts 10.8.18

Today (now yesterday) I am feeling despondent over the future of the world and the planet. Kavanaugh was confirmed. The Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change released their Fifth Assessment report and unless we do an about-face NOW, we are screwed. (**Checks who is in power** Yeah, we’re screwed.) Brazil is yet another country flirting with…More

In-Between Thoughts 10.1.18

The trade winds are back! The trade winds are back! DID I MENTION THAT THE TRADE WINDS ARE BACK?! Oof. September was brutally hot and humid and still. I have been physically miserable at home for too long. This weekend was cooler, breezy, and dang near euphoric. I still miss fall weather something fierce, but…More

In-Between Thoughts 9.20.18

HOW IS THE GYM STILL SO HOT AND HUMID. Come on, Hawai’i. This climate cannot be a surprise by now and a/c is one of humankind’s greatest inventions. But… probably shouldn’t use it because global warming. I remain conflicted. And sweaty. Blech. I have tried to put into words my reactions to the GOP’s and…More

In-Between Thoughts 8.27.18

I found this IBT post that I never published! I thought I’d send it off into the blogosphere, just ‘cuz. Edited writing is a horrible thing to waste. Well, Hurricane Lane was a nothingburger for Honolulu. Lane parked herself next to the poor Big Island and Maui and just dumped rain and blew wind at…More

Christmas Thoughts in September (In-Between Thoughts 9.11.18)

I’ve been thinking a lot about Christmas lately. “But Jana, it’s only September!” Yes, but it’s never too early to get excited about twinkle lights and pine and presents! More accurately, it’s never too early to budget for the magical gift-giving around twinkle lights and pine and presents. Most of the reason I’ve been thinking…More

In-Between Thoughts 8.27.18

Oops, forgot to post this yesterday! I’m sure you were all waiting on pins and needles. Many apologies. Well, Hurricane Lane was a nothingburger for Honolulu. She parked herself next to poor Big Island and Maui and just dumped rain and blew wind at them throughout the Oahu hurricane warning period then died a swift…More

In-Between Thoughts 8.15.18 “It’s not personal”

Leg day again! Let’s crush it… If anything has been characterizing my “personal growth” time in Hawaii it’s the lesson that there is very little of other’s words and actions I need to take personally. This has been a lifelong (36 years!) struggle for me, but thankfully (?!?!) Hawaii is giving me a LOT of…More

In-Between Thoughts 8.8.18

Oof, it was HUMID in the gym today. Thank you, almost-Hurricane Hector? Regardless, I was a sweaty mess and am suddenly so thankful for the icebox that is my office. I love seeing women lift at the gym, seeing them get up on the platforms and do their thing even if “their thing” isn’t crazy…More

In-Between Thoughts 8.3.18

In an effort to keep myself from mindlessly scrolling the interwebs, when I have some downtime I’m going to try to write a little. To focus on creating and analyzing rather than mindlessly consuming. The most needed switch for me is in the 2-3 minutes between sets at the gym, so with that I am…More