Therapy is making me… raw

I don't know why I'm surprised anymore, but the end of this semester kicked my @$$ AGAIN. I was a ball of stress. Having several work trips and events on top of things WAS NOT HELPFUL NO IT WAS NOT THANK YOU VERY MUCH. I turned everything in, but my work was pretty bad. Sub-par … Continue reading Therapy is making me… raw


Truth has no end point

The point of writing philosophy is to be a catalyst to other people's thought, not to set down the truth for all time.Nigel Warburton, Philosophy Bites podcast host One thing I love about philosophy and science is that they are, in their own ways, never-ending. There will never be a point at which either science … Continue reading Truth has no end point

Happiness and the meaningful life, and how Hawaii both helps and hurts (new-ish AOV episode)

Diane and I recorded a new podcast episode exploring the relationship between happiness and pleasure. I really like how Martin Seligman, one of the creators of the field of positive psychology, characterizes happiness: an overall state, the arc of a life that includes more positively-valenced feelings than negatively-valenced feelings. AOV Episode 24: Happiness/Pleasure The three … Continue reading Happiness and the meaningful life, and how Hawaii both helps and hurts (new-ish AOV episode)

In-Between Thoughts 2.13.19 — strengthening others against shame

Lifting update: I'm still seeing improvements and am consistently getting my strength back, a little at a time. Slow and steady works! Aaaaaand onto thoughts... On Tuesday Diane and I published a podcast episode on shame/guilt, and it was such a satisfying one to record because I struggle so much with shame. As such, I … Continue reading In-Between Thoughts 2.13.19 — strengthening others against shame

In-Between Thoughts 1.28.18: Creating environments

Finally shredding some of that holiday/prolonged guests-and-playing-and-eating-like-a-tourist fluff! Very slowly. Because #wine and #cheese and #carbs are too beautiful to forswear entirely. But I definitely had some wonderful times and eats the last few months, and those memories and times make me happy, just as getting back into my regular shape is making me happy. … Continue reading In-Between Thoughts 1.28.18: Creating environments