Stupid trees. JUST BE A FOREST.

I've read quite a bit about my "personality types": INFJ, Enneagram 5, Princess Ariel, Highly Sensitive Person, etc. Part of what I'm interested in when reading about "my" types is getting insight into how I process information about the world and how to do that better. Because frankly? My memory of details is shit. And … Continue reading Stupid trees. JUST BE A FOREST.

Losing myself

Piano was a huge part of my childhood. It's what I poured a lot of my extra time into, and was something I considered doing for a career (until I realized just how much time I would have had to devote to the practice room -- I am too interested in too many things to … Continue reading Losing myself

The question that makes me less judgmental

What security are they afraid of losing? Two instincts drive human behavior: self-promotion and self-protection. (I'm sure there are more, but those are two.) These aren't necessarily good or bad instincts, they're just how we've evolved to evaluate the world and figure out how to move about in it. We always want to improve our … Continue reading The question that makes me less judgmental