In-Between Thoughts 1.28.18: Creating environments

Finally shredding some of that holiday/prolonged guests-and-playing-and-eating-like-a-tourist fluff! Very slowly. Because #wine and #cheese and #carbs are too beautiful to forswear entirely. But I definitely had some wonderful times and eats the last few months, and those memories and times make me happy, just as getting back into my regular shape is making me happy. … Continue reading In-Between Thoughts 1.28.18: Creating environments


In-Between Thoughts 12.17.18 – grace in relationships

What is this stinky place with all the weird machines and sticks and rubber plates and people in tight pants? What is a "deadlift" and why is everything so stupid and so heavy? It has been almost one month since my last legs day and two weeks since my last upper body session. I can … Continue reading In-Between Thoughts 12.17.18 – grace in relationships