My Indigenous Peoples’ Land Acknowledgement

I’ve talked about this a couple different times (why do I always think of land acknowledgements while lifting weights? The world may never know….). I am happy to say that I finally put together my Indigenous Peoples’ Land Acknowledgement. Leaders in my organization encouraged us to put one together based on information and guidance from…More

Cognitive load and the morning sweat sesh

My first “read” book of 2021 was Dan Ariely’s The (Honest) Truth About Dishonesty. It’s awesome. And terrifying, if you are someone who is earnestly trying to strive for honesty and believes honesty to be a bedrock of the moral life. (I still question just how far to take the goodness of honesty, but I’ll…More

What makes something good?

Recently, I read my way very slowly, carefully, and thoughtfully through R. Jay Wallace’s (excellent) The View From Here: On Affirmation, Attachment, and the Limits of Regret. I credit my “slowly” in part to my overall commitment to reading for content, not number of books read (though I tend to honor that commitment with varying…More

The isolation of honesty

I’ve been thinking about honesty a lot lately. Our country is undergoing a crisis of honesty, where we can’t rely on some of our institutions and media to tell us the truth, and thus can’t rely on others to have the truth to give us. Being “honest” these days can be fraught, difficult, uncertain, confusing.…More

We want to have things expected of us

I READ A NOVEL! Something other than The Oxford Handbook of Philosophical Theology. WOO freaking HOO. And it was great! It feels kinda weird to write a blog post that isn’t about the OHPT, but here we are. Happy almost-2021. So just prior to the intensity of my recent “final ethics paper + final French…More

Religion can save individuals. Only science can save the world.

I’ve been thinking a lot about the remarkable resistance of a number of Christians to the reality of science. Evangelicals have been shown to be three times more likely to flout CDC guidelines on COVID preparedness. Evangelicals don’t want evolution taught in schools. Evangelicals want to ban abortion but don’t want to do any of…More

I’ve been thinking about Supreme Court justices

It’s an odd and rather endearing quality of humans that as soon as someone passes, if they were good at something, anything really, then we suddenly view them through rose-colored glasses and believe, even for a moment, that they were transcendent. They become other-worldly, almost god-like in our eyes. I kind of love this about…More

Zoom is the Splenda of human connection

My organization, like many, is 5 months into ???@#$*$#& (eff) months of working remotely. Aka, work is all Zoom all the time. (It’s also a tad bit Microsoft Teams, which I’m kind of in love with for collaborative projects! Anyone else?!) Internal meetings, external meetings, trainings, celebrations, pau hanas, performance evaluations, on-boardings, board meetings, caucuses……More

The elastic self

Don’t ask me why, but I was listening to a podcast on elasticity the other day. (I blame being married to a physicist. It’s ruined my sense of fun.) Maybe I just more successfully avoided science classes than everyone else in high school (#winning), but there is a LOT I did not know about elasticity.…More